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Please give commenters Cricket and No Fortune Cookies a warm welcome as they transition on this site to contributing authors!  We met at the Green LaVergne meeting last weekend and both agreed to come on board.  Both readers are concerned about building a positive image for our city and both are passionate about LaVergne being a safe, warm, nice, GREEN place to call home.

I’ll not give away “real” names here and leave that option for them when they introduce themselves!


5 Responses

  1. AHHH!!! I am so sick of the word Green! Pond Scum is green, does that mean we should cover our house in pond scum!?!?!

    Ok, here are my true feelings. I want to have clean air, clean water, clean neighborhoods. That said, I don’t think telling people to sacrifice is the answer. Turn your AC up to 80 in the summer? Read by candlelight at night? This country did not get where it is by telling people to sacrifice comfort for “mother earth.” We got where we are by being innovative, and we shouldn’t discourage inovation in favor of sacrifice.

    Here’s my favorite “green” example – CFL’s. I have these little twisty bulbs all over my house. Why? Because I believe the added up front cost of the bulb will save me money in the long run because of the reduced electric use, and because I don’t have to change light bulbs all the time since they last longer. That means I am choosing these bulbs in order to save time and to save money. If companies would use the logic of economics to promote “green items” they would win over more people. That’s my opinion.

  2. “It’s not easy being green…”
    – Kermit, ‘the frog’

    “I want to have clean air, clean water, clean neighborhoods”.
    – michaelinLV

    I’m tired of picking up after everybody else… especially those who think it’s okay to toss their trash out their windows.
    – Cricket

  3. I’m sure you spoke too soon…

    This country DID get where it’s at by people making sacrifices.

    Heard of the civil war?
    The War of 1775 (American Revolutionary war)?
    How about the war of 1812?

    Many people died, and many others used less, had less, conserved because their country (or side) needed them to.

    I don’t think Global Warming is a big an issue as the media makes it out to be; we (in the end) have very little impact on our world around us. In something short of 1 billion years we’ll all be dead anyway – the sun will expand into red-giant status, strip away the earth’s atmosphere and life will simply cease to exist – remember, earth has been floating out here for 4.3 billion years, so something like 1 billion more is nothing in the scheme of things.

    However, in the same stroke – I think it is our responsibility to do what we can for our environment, simply to leave behind as little mess as we possibly can for the generation after us. Don’t leave it for the next person to deal with, no matter how convenient. If we have the ability to make reductions in the amount of pollution we generate, and a whole host of other factors: we should do so, it will improve the quality of life for everyone.

    Look at some of the major industry cities in China. None of their factories have pollution controls. The air is so thick it’s like a paste, it even leaves behind a film of soot on everything standing – people walk around with gas masks, etc.

    No doubt the US companies (and us as tax paying/service buying citizens) have made a sacrifice in the form of higher costs of goods, services, and taxes to pay for these pollution controls in our cities factories; and look at how much higher quality of life we have over them?

    While I think global warming is more hype than fact, I do know – and what is very evident in the world today – not doing anything BECAUSE we have so little impact on the earth as a whole; is a grand mistake. We have more impact on our locale than anything else, and we have to live here.

    We shouldn’t do it for the glaciers in Antarctica, or the polar bears in Barrow, Alaska; or the rain forests around the equator; we should do what we can because this is our back yard; and after all… we’ve got to live here.

  4. Michael in LaV – the effort utilized in using the “twisty bulbs” is commendable, however, research has shown that these bulbs are actually hazardous to our personal health should the bulb bust in or near our homes, as they contain Mercury. There are specific saftey clean up and removal instructions for them, and they can not be disposed of in the regular land fills. They must be recycled, otherwise you are poisoning the earth with Mercury. So, if you are recycling them, you are being green : ) sorry to spoil it for yah, and if you aren’t, well, then you are actually making a more toxic environment for us all.
    I believe our country got to where we are today from so many of our forefathers and fore-mothers making sacrifices beyond our comprehension. They sacrificed their homes, their families, their jobs, and the familiarity of the land they knew, to travel to the new world and start a new life. Many sacrificed their very own lives to give us this country. I believe some small sacrifices, at least on my part, are certainly due. But that’s just me.
    By the way, grass is green, leaves are green, broccoli is green…But in this case, we just mean green as in no longer brown and dirty and covered in trash, but rather green and healthy grass, green and vibrant plants, litter free streets…and maybe eventually, a recycling program. Doesn’t that sound like a much better place to live than the connotations the general public seems to have now?

    Don’t forget to stop by and visit Green La Vergne’s new Web Site!

  5. Ok, a few responses:

    Crickit – I wish I could be deputized and write a ticket to every jerk who throws their cigarette butt out the window. Do these morons not realize their styrofoam butt is going to end up in my drinking water (Percy Priest)?

    David – You miss-quoted me. I didn’t say people didn’t sacrifice to make this country great, I said we didn’t get where we are by sacrificing comfort in favor of protecting the earth. If that we’re the case, we would all live in caves or mud huts. Cars require mining, houses require logging, concrete requires blasting.

    I don’t think you should compare wars with bloodshed to turning up the AC. Those who died fighting in wars (yes, even the civil war) fought so that we could have safety and freedom in America. Those are sacrifices that have made this country great. How is turning up the AC going to make this country better? Safer? It’s not, it’s just going to make people miserable. Telling people not to drive their cars because it pollutes, how is that going to make us any better? It’s not. Making sacrifices in the short term for a long term gain (such as war) is admirable. Having to make sacrifices because someone thinks we are going to use up all the electricity is ridculous. We need to push innovation, not simply conservation. Otherwise, what are we going to leave our children? A planet that needs MORE conservation because it’s a generation older? Let’s innovate and develop around renewable resources (electricity), not sit on our butts and roast in the summer and freeze in the winter.

    I do agree with you on Global warming – we can’t control what temperature the earth is. There’s a big ball of fire in the sky called the sun that I don’t believe we have a thermostat for. As I mentioned, I am in favor of clean air which includes controls on factory pollution. Those are good things.

    FC – yes, I understand the mercury concerns, but I don’t view it as terrible as many people do. Fluorescent bulbs have been around for years (tubes), and people have been throwing those in the garbage with the same mercury hazard as a CFL. Now that Fluorescent lighting is moving mainstream, I think we will begin to see more recycling options. I know it’s not happening quickly, but in the long run, more CFL’s on the market will reult in less mercury in landfills because recycling options for the CFL’s and tubes will increase. I understand “green” is just what you’re saying to term the efforts to spruce up LV, I’m just sick of the term being thrown around so much. Nothing against you guys.

    Let me summarize. I think too many people think they should sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. I don’t think setting your AC on 60 is going to hurt anyone but your wallet. I don’t think driving a hummer is going to hurt anyone but your wallet. There certainly is a time for sacrifice (war), but to just say you should make a sacrifice now because your forefathers did, that seems silly to me. If you want to stand up and protect this country in the military, that is a sacrifice that will earn my appreciation and respect.

    So, what can we do to force innovation? We are doing it right now. We as a collective soceity are not buying gas guzzlers from the big three and their profits are hurting. So what are they doing? They are innovating! GM is going to release the Volt next year that will be a hybrid that is powered off of electricity, with a gas engine to charge the battery’s if you can’t make it to a plug. We as a soceity are speaking with our wallets and we are being heard. I think that is the answer to this problem.

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