The New Kroger…

is THE schizz!!!!  I was soooo glad to see the parking lot totally full.  People were circling like vultures looking for a parking spot.  No salad bar was seen, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one… I’m telling you half of the town was in there, so I couldn’t be certain.  Check it out, y’all!!  If for no reason other than the carts – I adore new carts!!!  They roll as smooth as a new stroller….


~ Cricket  :-)


42 Responses

  1. I took a stroll in last night looking for formula about 8PM, talk about still hopping. Compared to the 10 people at Food Lion and 4 people at Smith’s.

  2. It is a little astonishing to me that a Kroger store can add so much value to a community. Driving by yesterday, it made our town look … smarter or something. Kroger definitely gives us a huge boost and I very much appreciate that the store made the commitment to come here.

  3. i was excited to see the commericals on TV! I feel like we are now living in the 21st century.

  4. The only question that really matters: Do they have fresh sushi like some of the other Krogers do?

  5. I agree, I don’t know why but having a Kroger seems to be some kind of validation of La Vergne being a functioning entity seperate from Smyrna.

  6. I went for the grand opening (crazy!), but actually had a chance to go shopping there this afternoon. We found some bargains and the staff was extremely friendly…a person stocking shelves stopped working to talk to my little girl for a minute and our cashier helped me unload the groceries from my cart to the check-out counter. Nice! Great first impression.

  7. I get to go buy a gallon of milk tonight! I’ve never been this excited about heifer juice! ha.

  8. Just my 2 cents! Today, I checked out the new Kroger. The set-up is a lot like the previous Southern Family market & BI-LO. I don’t remember the dairy cases being closed in, though. I guess I’m kinda weird that I don’t like opening those doors. Maybe that’s because I change my mind and have to repeat the whole process once or twice. Oh, bother! :) I compared prices on items I regularly buy. Their branded merchandise (as most grocery store brands) are cheaper than major brands. No surprise there. But, some of my regular stuff is cheaper at Publix. I was so hoping that they’d be considerably less expensive so I could quit the drive to Publix. I hope they expand some of the items they offer. I couldn’t find a couple (not gourmet, mind you) items today. I suppose I’ll be putting in some requests. They did have lots of personnel stocking items but none said “hello”. There were lots of lines open, lots of baggers, but no one offered to take out our groceries (which would have been nice). I’m “on the fence”. Tell me your opinion of the new Kroger. What has your experience been like so far?

  9. Oh, no salad bar. I didn’t look for sushi…but would like to know if they have it!

  10. Has anyone heard the any news about a Kroger fuel center being built next to the store???

  11. Yes, the fuel center will be built, expected this fall.

    I wouldn’t expect Kroger to replace your Publix trips. There are just some things better at Publix, such as service to your car. With that said, this Kroger is very nice! I especially like that all of the aisle signs are in ENGLISH!!! Very friendly staff, and nice looking store. I think we should all be very pleased with our new Kroger.

  12. Woo hoo!! I like that Kroger gives me credits for bringing in my own bags. And they were the first chain in the area to carry soymilk (which I prefer to moo juice, though I love cheese) organic produce and Kettle Chips.

  13. Kitti, please explain! I usually bring my own bags to Publix and forgot them when I went to Kroger. What credits do they give you? Off topic, but I’m on a no dairy diet and drinking soymilk. Have you tried any soy ice cream?

  14. I brought my own bags to Kroger today – they just so happened to have the Publix name on them. My cashier looks at me like I’d just handed her a handfull of used snot rags… “We can’t take any Publix bags here”, she says in a snotty tone. I explained how I had purchased them at Publix and I would like my groceries bagged in them instead of plastic. Scoff! No credits were given to me for bringing my own bags… and I lost my Kroger card around the same time that I lost my Food Lion card and now it takes three or more attempts to access my “file” by putting in my phone number…grrrrrr!!!!

    So far Kroger trip #3 and I am not impressed… up until today I had done the “U scan” (which I normally dislike), the lines were shorter today and I felt “froggy”, so why not go through the normal check out, right? Wrong!!!

    In summary, Publix is still my grocery of preference for everything, except my nacho cheese on game days. Hopefully the new Kroger will get all the kinks fixed soon or I’ll be taking my money to the Smyrna Publix or the Hickory Harlem Kroger.

    ~ Cricket :(

  15. No Kroger can ever compare to the quality and selection provided at a Publix. But this Kroger is absolutely many steps above the alternatives here in La Vergne. Have you seen? We are getting a Publix just outside of La Vergne on Murfreesboro Rd in Antioch! YAY! I’ll use this Kroger frequently, they are close, clean, and again they are hands down waaaaay better than other La Vergne options. When I need special items, I head to Publix. I was disappointed that Kroger would spend the time and money to renovate a site for a new location, and fail to give it the salad bar, the ginormous deli, or the daily fresh sushi that other Krogers have. I was also disappointed in the ethnic foods section, comparatively speaking. I suppose they didn’t do a lot of research on the demographics in La Vergne? I see a very culturally diverse atmosphere here, and hoped it would reflect in the new store. Oh well…In due time, I suppose.

  16. I’m with ya, nofortunecookies. I was planning on picking up a few spice blends there. I’ll be super-impressed if they have them.

  17. I am surprised at the negitave reaction to the new Kroger. I don’t live in La Vergne but I have worked here for 8 years. I am ecstatic about it. Compared to the other two shopping choices that are here, Kroger is heaven sent. And about the new Publix in Antioch? What happened to spending our hard earned money in Rutherford County? If you still feel the need to shop Publix go to the one in Smyrna. Keep our tax dollars here.

  18. I don’t think most people are unhappy with the new kroger. In a town of 27,000, you can’t please everyone.

    As far as the salad bar, does the Smyrna Kroger have a salad bar? I have never noticed this. I thought Kroger stores were phasing out the salad bars as the Kroger in my hometown renovated and eliminated their salad bar.

    I am disappointed to here Publix will be opening a new store but that it won’t be in Rutherford county. I agree, everyone in LV who wants to shop at Publix needs to go to the Smyrna store and keep our tax dollars in our county, support our schools and our infrastructure.

  19. I don’t think any of us are trying to be negative. I can only speak for myself. I was hoping that having a national chain grocery store would mean I could do all my shopping close to home spending all my grocery dollars in LV. I like Publix in Smyrna because they have my regular items stocked and someone always offers to take my bags to my car. With an infant, that extra effort goes a long way. Also, I never get weird looks when I bring cloth bags for my groceries. I’m sure it’ll feel like home once I adjust to a different layout and new faces.

  20. I’m not totally done with the new Kroger. I’m willing to give them a few more chances… oh, like maybe 20. They’ve not been open for an entire week yet… sheesh! But there are sooooo many things that need to be fixed… like cleaning the parking lot instead of having 14 greeters. I have many fond memories inside of that building… it felt like an old friend who changed names, y’know?

    I’m very finickey… I’m a Libra… and I’m Cricket… and that’s my opinion!

    Muah! :)

  21. I’ve still only been once, but I’m smitten. But I do hope they stock A&W Diet Cream Soda soon, along with their root beer.

  22. MagMom, they give you 4 cents per bag. I’ve got several old tote bags that I use, they’re good-sized and have a variety of other vendor names on them (but no other grocery store names!) It’s not for the money that I bring them in, though, it’s because those plastic bags are made of petroleum and we need that stuff for our cars! Also, it means I don’t have a thousand plastic bags sticking out of a kitchen cabinet. And the tote bags help keep food a little cooler on the trip home.

    Yes, I’ve tried soy iced cream! The Purely Decadent is pretty good stuff. Just like with soymilk, don’t expect it to taste like dairy ice cream. But it’s still dessert and I like it a lot! Maybe too much. Hm.

    “Kitti, please explain! I usually bring my own bags… Have you tried any soy ice cream?”

  23. Keeping tax dollars in your own county is great, but when the store you want is a few miles away vs one several miles away, and the price of gas is what it is, or you are like me, dependent upon cabs, the closer one, although it is not in my own county will be where I go. I can’t see spending $35.00 on a cab fare to go to Publix in Smyrna when getting to the one that’ll be in Antioch will only cost me $15.00. And that’s one way fares, let me point out! I still have to spend it again to get home.
    I don’t think anyone is really being negative about the new Kroger. From what I can tell, it is a godsend. Sure there are going to be some things here and there that could be improved upon, but all in all, given the choices, it’s Kroger all the way for my household!
    MagMom- I wonder if you turn your Publix bags inside out so Kroger can’t see that it’s a Publix bag, maybe then they’ll let you use them?
    If I were Kroger, I’d just be happy that a Publix shopper left Publix to shop with my store, you know, like taking the competition’s clientèle.

  24. NoFortuneCookies Next time I go to the grocery, I’m calling you to see if you ned a ride!

  25. Well, I have waited as long as I could to not add my 2 cents….THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN OPEN A WEEK!!! Give them a break. Have any of you been shopping at our other local alternatives since Kroger opened? They are like ghost towns!!

    I for one am completely upset about how negative people have been and for those of you that have gripes about the new Kroger….. may I make a kind suggestion…. you can either go back to your usual routine of shopping at the overpriced, under staffed, places you have been comparing our new Kroger to or make the suggestions you are not happy about at the Customer Service Desk….. that is what they are there for…Customer Service. But do understand…. Kroger is a HUGE NATIONWIDE company. They have done TONS of research before they even considered opening their doors here in La Vergne.

    In reading the comments above I could not help but comment on the following:

    This Kroger store is not as large as most of the other stores are…. short of them knocking out walls…. they had to stock what they could in a smaller area…. so not everything is there…..

    As far as not having a huge ethnic section such as the mexican foods…. why would they… we have 2 mexican markets here in town already.

    As far as not having the foo foo foods that Publix has…. La Vergne as a majority does not want a Publix type store….We want good groceries at a good price.

    As far as Publix being cheaper on some items…. well all stores have different prices….. even the grocery stores are cheaper than Wal-mart for diapers.

    As far as the new Publix in Antioch…. first they closed the one in Nashboro Village, placed a new sign closer to Starwood and now even that one has a For Sale sign over it now. Publix has done thier research too… they can’t market their stuff to Antioch or LaVergne.

    As far as Kroger not having a salad bar….. Most of the grocery stores do not have that feature anymore. It is again, not a great selling item although several of us that read this site love them (including me). But they do have a nice variety of items to make your own.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not a Publix basher…. and I by no means am a Kroger lover….. but I am ALL about keeping it in our City/County….no reason to venture out. Wish more were that loyal.

    In another comment I mentioned that I moved here about 5 years ago from Las Vegas…. which by the way, Publix is Albertsons there, and Kroger is Smiths there…… And I shopped exclusively at Albertsons.

    I am in no way trying to cause any ill feelings and dont normally voice my opinion but to me it just is sad to hear such harsh comparisons and/or judgements on a store that has just moved in and is trying to make it work. (Which the 2 previous ones in that location did not)

    My daughter works at a Kroger, they dont care what kind of bag you bring in…. a bag is a bag…. just let these cashiers know… most of them are new and undertrained…. except for my daughter…LOL…

    Hope I havent offended…..

  26. LV2LV – I went tonight and am still in love with it. I told my daughter I’m soooo in love with Kroger that I want to make out with it! Haha! Just kidding.

  27. Yeah, it has been looking to me that all Krogerites have united.

    You never know, they may expand the building one day…

  28. LV2LV…..thank you so much for articulating what I’ve been thinking myself. I’ve been reading this website for a long time now and do comment from time to time, but the past week or so has really been something else.

    Kroger is a great store. We’ve waited a long time for a quality store on Murfb Rd. You’re never going to be able to please or accomodate 100% of the people, but good grief….give the place a chance.

    If you want Publix, then by all means, go right ahead. I have never had anything but good experiences with Kroger, but then again, I’m an optomist and don’t neccessarily look for the negative in all things.

  29. NFC, you mention you have to take a ca to go to the grocery store, have you considered checking out This is a Nashville based grocer where you shop online and groceries are delivered. The good news is delivery is free. The basd news is their prices are somewhat higher. Also, no generic brands.

    I’ve checked it out and may give it a try, but I know if I were you and had to pay to get to the grocery store, I would definitely give it a try

    And I believe if you buy from them, the taxes charged go to the city/county you live in. Also a good thing!

  30. LV2LV-“you can either go back to your usual routine of shopping at the overpriced, under staffed, places you have been comparing our new Kroger to” Who’s being negative now?

    I’m about to post my opinion and experience. I thought that this was an open area for sharing and expression. I’m tired of the mentality that a valid complaint is regarded as negativity. I think you’ve underestimated some citizens in LV by implying that they wouldn’t and shouldn’t be interested in ethnic or “foo foo foods”. I’ve lived here 10 years.

    LV2LV-“it just is sad to hear such harsh comparisons and/or judgements”

    If you reread the posts, the authors were “disappointed” and frustrated but willing (and appears to me they have) given the store another chance. To be as even-handed as possible, I have compared my receipts from both Publix & Kroger on items “I” shop for. The prices were comparable. The staffing seems pretty close, too, although I didn’t count. I have returned twice to Kroger and was pleasantly surprised. I found one item I didn’t expect to find (on sale even) while another 2 items they didn’t carry. Am I being negative by stating a simple observation? I am quite happy with the new Kroger especially since it’s close to my home in LV.

  31. I’m tired of the mentality that a valid complaint is regarded as negativity.

    Me too. That should be our new tagline for TiLV, seriously, man.

  32. Ivy, you rock!!!!

  33. “I’m tired of the mentality that a valid complaint is regarded as negativity.”

    I know this doesn’t really matter, but isn’t a complaint, by definition, negative?

    “complain – to express grief, pain, or discontent” (merriam-webster)

  34. michaelinLV-“I know this doesn’t really matter, but isn’t a complaint, by definition, negative?”

    But, the posters weren’t being negative for the sake of being negative. People, generally, like to share and sometimes that includes venting. I get frustrated with people disregarding others’ complaints as negative and therefore, not valid. As consumers, we have the right to criticize a product. To me, a solely negative comment would be something like “I don’t like Kroger because their awning is green.” Do you get my drift?

  35. I was, quite surprisingly, panhandled! Outside of the new Kroger, which was somewhat disappointing, but the management took care of it very swiftly. I have had great customer service experience but am so far not super impressed with the quality of the deli/produce (my main gripe with the other LV groceries) and the variety of the goods. I think we’ll stick with Publix for our fancypants grocery days but for general quick trips, I’m glad to have the Kroger around.

  36. I finally got to the new Kroger today! I learned that Kroger has purchased the entire strip, and that when other leases close, they will be expanding. I found this out when inquiring about the organic and gluten-free brands of soup I usually buy, which I could not find. They won’t be carrying them until they get to expand, which should be in a year or so. They do carry most of the ordinary health food stuff. Maybe they’ll make room for soups when cold weather arrives.

    Apologies if the expansion story isn’t news. I seldom get the scoop on things.

    Everyone there was VERY helpful and the woman who bagged my groceries did a great job sorting things (i.e., no heavy stuff on top of soft stuff, all the cold things together, etc.) Lots of good things were on sale, too.

  37. Kitti – I didn’t know about the expansion except for the gas pumps to be installed. Learned something new today!

  38. See earlier post – You never know, they may expand the building one day…

    I’ll be panhandling prophesies in front of Kroger on weekends for extra cash. Nah, really though, I had heard that was possible from someone reliable some time ago.

  39. I work for Kroger. Kroger is good if you buy the sale items and “some” storebrand. Other than that, Kroger is considered a higher income store. Get the staples at Walmart and on the sale items at Kroger and you’ll save on your food bill. Bare in mind Kroger is Union, the have to pay the employees more and the cost is passed on.You don’t think theyre gonna take a cut in profits just to give you a deal do you?

  40. I much prefer Kroger to Walmart, any day of the week. When I lived over on Harding Place I drove further to go to Kroger than I did to Walmart.

    Less foot traffic, better service, happier employees; generally just a better shopping experience and much less bum-rushing around because there’s 30 people standing behind you in an aisle waiting to get by (exaggeration, but you get the idea)

    Kroger is an example of a union that works, in my opinion. I’ve never heard anything actually bad from employees.

  41. I think discussing the union aspect is silly. When I was in High School I worked for Publix (non-union) and made $6 an hour, whereas my friends who worked at Kroger made minimum wage ($5.15). Publix requires employees to wear clean black pants, a publix button up shirt, and an apron. I’ve seen kids at Kroger wearing jeans with holes in them. My brother worked at Kroger for a little while and quit because of the union. He had to pay Union dues, thus making that $5.15 an hour even less. And then when he had a complaint they didn’t help him (He had a scheduled day off and Kroger called and asked him to come in (he couldn’t as he was out of town). When he didn’t come in, they reprimanded him).

    I disagree about prices being better at Wal-Mart. For example, wheat bread is almost always more expensive at Wal-Mart than at Kroger. So many people have the misconception that Wal-Mart is always less expensive, when i reality they are not. You may save 5% on hot dogs, but then spend 20% more on coffee.

    If you want to save money, shop the adds. Depending on what you buy, it may be less expensive at Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart, or Food Lion in a given week. Just look and make a list before you go.

  42. i have driven to nashville to shop at kroger when they do triple coupons. clipping coupons and searching the ads is definately worth your time. there are even blogs where people have already done the homework for you.

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