Open Thread Friday!

Lots to talk about today!  I just went to the Ruthie’s page at the DNJ and saw we now have TWO LaVergne elected officials for whom we can vote:  Sherry Green and Senna Mosely.  If you’d like to vote, go here!

Today marks the first day of school in Rutherford County – for a few hours anyway.  My friend Darryl wrote about school bus safety on his site.  If you don’t visit him to read the proper school bus road rules, at least go for the redneck school bus photo!

Again, please welcome our newest site authors – Cricket & Fortune Cookie.  This is LaVergne is very pleased they’ve come on board!

I misspoke when I said we had volunteers to spearhead the “This is Beautiful LaVergne” several days ago, so we continue to search for volunteers to head this effort.  Thanks to time constraints, my work in this has been of epic fail proportions.  The task is simple … find a buddy, arm yourself with a digital camera, bring a letter of congratulations to your winners (I’ll provide), and pick three yards you love.  Of the three, find the one you love the most and the other two are runner-ups.  Take a picture, leave a letter.  Send pictures to me or other authors with your comments.  We won’t give out addresses to respect a homeowner’s privacy, but will say what neighborhood the home is in.

What’s on your mind LaV?


6 Responses

  1. KFC was robbed this week, Wednesday night if I remember correctly.

  2. So THAT’S what happend! I knew it wasn’t anything good when I saw 8 police cars there and in the area. (Including the “field” by 73rd Ave @ the Cottages–MY street!) It kind of freaked me out getting home that late.

  3. Yeah the 3 suspects headed that way when they took off out the back door.

  4. Did they catch any of them?

  5. Last word I heard that night, they had not.

  6. Wow, that is close to home… Hope no one was hurt….

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