Chop Chop: Get to the Noodle House Fast

Pad Thai goodness

Pad Thai goodness

A week ago Thursday, the Noodle House restaurant located at 5270B Murfreesboro Road in LaV was converged upon by five area blog writers and four of their offspring.  The folks who worked there didn’t even bat an eye.  They didn’t know they should be frightened by the power of the typed word which could spread like wildfire online.  We happily discovered they didn’t NEED to be worried because their food was nothing short of phenomenal.

I admit that my taste buds lean toward white toast rather than wheat, that I prefer butter salt pepper on my baked potato and not piles of cheese and chives.  My taste buds are not refined – they are simple.  But when you mess up simple, I gripe and moan for weeks (a trait that bugs the crap out of my kids).

I arrived first and said to expect anywhere from four to seven people.  By the time we all piled in, there were nine of us.  The server didn’t even blink as she quickly pulled the tables together to comfortably accommodate everyone.

I initially ordered diet coke (worried about drinking unfiltered LaV water), but when my friends started asking for something funky called “Bubble Tea” I was intrigued.  Upon learning that they had this concoction in the flavor of Papaya (along with Mango and others), I nearly swooned.  Ivy volunteered to take my soda so I could order a glass of Papaya goodness.  My oh my it was sweet.  I couldn’t even finish a third of the glass … pure sugar that would surely send my blood sugar soaring into the thousands.  I ordered the LaVergne water and it was good.

Chicken pad thai & bubble juice

Chicken pad thai & bubble juice

Because the restaurant is under new ownership, new chef etc., we were given  complimentery samplings of the appetizers.  I tried only the House Dumplings – it was perfectly cooked, gorgeous on the plate, and delicious. 

When you go to a Mexican restaurant, in my opinion, one true sign of it’s quality is in how good the margaritas are.   By comparison, when you go to a Thai restaurant the pad thai is the central pièce de résistance.  Again, I’m not the chef in my family but when I order chicken pad thai from a restaurant and it comes back with the noodles clumped together like a leftover dish that has been microwaved – well that’s not of the good.  The Noodle House chicken pad thai WAS most definitely of the great.  My mild chicken pad thai was just amazing.  The noodles were fresh, cooked perfectly; the peanuts, egg, and chicken were great.  Fantastic.  I was a little jealous of Lesley’s plate of yellow curry – made with onion, potato and carrot stewed in the house spicy Thai yellow curry and coconut milk.  I think she had tofu in her dish as well.  I’ll definitely order a yellow curry when I go back.

Except for the kids playing with the short plastic stands that tempted us with the dessert menu, everyone at the table seemed pretty intent on eating for several minutes.  Lip smacking good.  We all chuckled that the dessert menus were spelled “desert” and one friend asked if they served bowls full of sand… that little typo is a very charming, cute personality quirk of the Noodle House   Meanwhile, no one even mentioned ordering dessert after the sweet bubble tea and the enormous satisfaction already gained from the appetizers and the main lunch serving.  We didn’t think about dessert, but we got it when the staff of the Noodle House brought out another plate of samples.

They served Sticky Rice and Thai Custard, Banana Spring Roll, and Sliced Mango.  I figured the Banana Spring Roll would be the best, but I was way off.  The Sticky Rice and Thai Custard is to die for.  Because there were nine of us at the table (and because we were in public), I managed to hold on to my iron willpower to keep from picking up the plate and shoveling the mound into my mouth with my fingers then licking the plate clean.  Yes, it was THAT good. 

Summary:  Do not delay in going to the Noodle House if you enjoy Thai food.   It is extraordinarily delicious.  And tell them that you heard about how fantastic they are from us here at This is!

My cost was $11:  pad thai, $7; Bubble tea, $2 or 3’ish (it’s not on the carry-out menu), tax and tip.

PS – I forgot to mention the soup that came before the entree was served!


8 Responses

  1. I’m one of the reporters at Youth Radio and we just did a piece, on Thai’s the new Latin check it out

  2. I’ve just forwarded this to several of my Thai food-loving buddies! Thanks so much for the review!

  3. I was telling my husband about this place after you’d mentioned it the other day. We enjoy trying out restaurants that we haven’t been to before. So it’s located across the street from the new post office, correct?

  4. It’s more or less across from the TDS building on M’boro Rd. It’s in an A-frame building with blue awnings (for lack of a better word).

  5. HI Everyone! I have taken a hiatus from the blog for quite a while due to being busy and moving my company to our new kitchen in Smyrna, but I will leave that story to another blog. :)
    I had a very good dinner last night at The Noodle House and thought I should tell everyone about it, but it seems I was too late! Kathy beat me to it. :)
    But that’s ok because independent restaurants need all the praise they can get, especially when they meet and exceed expectations. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical about going. I never went when they first opened and I never saw many cars in their lot. But what caught my eye was the bright white banner saying they reopened under new ownership. So, last night my business partner and I were hungry after a long day of work in the kitchen and thought, hey, let’s give it a try! We walked in to a very clean, serene dining room, with soft music playing in the background and soft lighting round out the ambiance. We were greeted by a young server who sat us immediately and took our drink orders. I was hoping to have a refreshing asian beer, but noticed they did not have beer or wine listed on their menu, so I chose their Chai Tea instead. Very good, yet very sweet! For our appetizer we, too, had the house dumplings and they were awesome. Perfectly cooked and seasoned. The Thai dipping sauce was a perfect match for them. For our entrees, I LOVE Pad Thai, so I had to try it. I had the chicken Pad Thai and was pleasantly surprised. My favorite place to get Pad Thai is from Peter’s Thai & Sushi in Brentwood, but I have to give kudos to The Noodle House for executing the dish very well. We also tried the Green Curry! YUM! We asked our server which curry was her favorite and she said the Green and she was right. I do have to mention that they ask you how spicy you would liek your dish and their scale goes from 1 to 5. 1 being mild to 5 being the hottest. I chose 2 to be on the safe side and boy am I glad! Whew! It had the perfect amount of spice and I love spicy food, but I dont think I would go any higher. Once foods become too hot, you lose the actual flavor of the food and I am all about the FLAVOR!
    We thought about getting dessert, but were too full to even try. However, after drinking the sweet Chai Tea, I was quite fulfilled. So, if you like Thai food, give the Noodle House your support! We will definitely go back!

  6. I went to the Noodle House last night for dinner with my daughter and my boyfriend. I am gluten intolerant AND vegetarian, and they were perfectly happy to answer all my questions about cooking their rice noodle dishes!

    And the food was very good! When my daughter did not enjoy hers (I insisted that she NOT order the house’s equivalent of chicken nuggets), their suggested replacement went over really well.

    We’ll be going back!

  7. So we finally made it to the Noodle House today. You guys weren’t kidding. That place rocks! It’s actually much nicer on the inside than I expected, compared to the exterior of the building, anyway.

    I hadn’t eaten Thai food in years, and hadn’t a clue what to try, so I ordered some of the things you all recommended – The steamed dumplings, Chicken Pad Thai, and a strawberry Bubble Tea. My husband got Shitake Mushroom Stir-Fry. It was all absolutely delicious. Everything tasted very fresh, and the service was great. I don’t handle spicy food too well, but they made it at a level 1 for me, and it was perfect. We definitely plan to go back!

    Thanks for telling us about it!

  8. The Noodle House is our new favorite restaraunt. The staff is very helpful and the food is absolutely wonderful. My favorite is the thom ka soup with sticky rice. I could eat it every day…and have been known to. I have tried several other dishes, the last being the Green Curry. It was probably the best thai dish I have ever eaten. Not too spicy, just right. I suggest that if you are looking for a new place to try where you won’t be disappointed, the Noodle House is a great choice!

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