Just a *Little* Negative

A couple of things have been bothering me these last few weeks here in LaVergne and I’m hoping to Rah-Rah-Let’s-Do-It on one item and just-asking on another:

  1. Yards are beginning to look pretty hairy in our neighborhoods.  Not enough lawn mowing and weed whacking going on.  Is it the heat?  Time to shave!  (Rah Rah)
  2. The lines painted on the front of Stones River Road (from the gas stations to LaV Primary) have faded to the point where they may as well not even be there.  Who paints them?  The city?  The county?  The state?  How do we place an order for a facelift of paint lines?  Enquiring minds want to know.  Or is it inquiring?

Otherwise, I have really enjoyed watching LaVergne blossom this summer.  With the new rec field on Fergus Road in front of the Heritage Valley subdivision to the post office and Kroger and the Noodle House, my opinion is that we’ve made some good progress.

5 Responses

  1. I have some thoughts/Answers:

    1 – I stated in an earlier free-for-all that the lawn problem boiled down to one word – Fescue. If you don’t water it A TON in the summer, it dies and the weeds fill in. The weeds will go away in September, but yes, it looks terrible now. I suggested we need to switch to Bermuda Grass, and when I was visiting a friend who just bought a new home in concord place, I noticed those builders did seed bermuda and not Fescue. Another friend who moved to Atlanta last year came back up to visit and said he didn’ realize how terrible our lawns looked in the summer. They of course are primarily Bermuda grass in Atlanta.

    I said I intended to switch to Bermuda, but my Fescue came in so well this spring, I’ve just been sucking it up and watering all summer. It still doesn’t look so great though.

    2 – Call public works about the lines. They should be able to tell you if it’s in the works, and if not they will put in a request. I have had good experience dealing with public works when it comes to street lights needing replaced.

    I agree, it has been a promising summer for LV. The only thing I’m somewhat diappointed about is that work appears to be halted on the shopping center that was supposed to be built next to Target. Anyone know why? I have to figure it’s the lending crack-down and lack of a major Anchor.

  2. I agree, Kathy. Yards are looking kinda hairy. I guess it’s the heat? I don’t even own a lawnmower, it would do me no good; My allergies are so bad. But I do have a wonderful guy who comes every weekend to cut my grass and he weed-eats and blows the cut grass off the drive way and patio. And what’s more, he’s really cheap! So the only real problem in my yard is the dry, thirsty flower beds. Come on mama nature, bring on the rain! It seems no matter how high my water bill gets, my flower beds are permanently parched right now.
    As far as the lines, I believe it’s the city that handles that. Public Works – Streets – 148 International Blvd. 615-793-9891

  3. Bermuda grass is a very bad allergen – equivalent to Timothy grass and almost as bad as ragweed. Casual contact will leave welts on people with severe grass allergies, and it is very, very free with its pollen.

    In addition to that, Bermuda is extremely invasive. If you have any shrubs, flowerbeds or even open road, it will crawl up, over, into and through. I have seen it crack open asphalt.

    Add to all this the fact that it is the last plant to green up in Spring and turns a dull yellow at the first hint of frost and you have a lawn that is unattractive for a large part of the cold season, plus a plant that will make you feel like you have a cold all during the warm season.

  4. Kitti – Spoken like a true allergist! My yard must be full of Bermuda grass ; )

  5. My lawn is one of the ones in question, last time i cut the grass was in may. But the grass hasn’t grown at all, so i havent bothered, i should do something about the 3 foot tall weeds i suppose. Last year (first summer after buying my home) my yard looked like a golf course. Low and green and very pretty… But also, last year i was geting 250$ – 300$ water bills, so this summer, my yard is on its own.

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