LaVergne Codes Director Passes Away

I received this email from Senna Mosley this morning and wanted to pass it on.

Kathy, I thought the bloggers would like to know that Steve Poe the city’s Codes Director has passed away. Visistation is Saturday 4-8p.m. at Tullahoma Funeral Home (401 Westside ) Service Sunday 2 p.m. Please keep the Poe family in your prayers. Steve was an asset to this community and worked hard to keep things going and straight. He will be greatly missed. We also need to keep the entire codes department in our prayers because they really thought a lot of thier director and are having to cope with the lost as well. Thanks Senna

Our sympathy and condolences to Mr. Poe’s family, friends, and co-workers.

5 Responses

  1. This is very sad news for La Vergne. Steve had just been given the Building Official position when he became ill & unable to perform those duties. He was a gentleman, an honest man, and he cared about La Vergne and about turning things around in his new position. We all have lost a good friend and I pray for his wife and family.

  2. I did not know Mr. Poe, nor did I know he was ill. I know his department responded to every complaint that I had.

    It will be interesting to see how the selection process goes in hiring a new director, following the fallout from some of the other department mishaps. I personally would love to see them pony up and hire a quality codes director who is already running another cities codes department successfully.

  3. One would hope, Michael!

  4. That was really nice of you, Cee Dee, and well said. I couldn’t have put it better. He did have an excellent sense of humor, too, which will always be missed for those who knew him.

  5. Thank you for all the kind words about my brother, Steve Poe. He would have been pleased to know what many thought of him. I lost my only sibling & wonderful brother. We appreciate all the kind words & help during this sad time for us. Please keep us in your prayers as we go forward with heavy hearts.

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