An Open Letter to the New Kroger

Dear La Vergne Kroger,

Welcome to my neighborhood! I’m so glad to have you here. Your arrival has been a long time coming, and I must say I, for one, welcome you with open arms. I particularly enjoy your beautiful produce  corner and the wonderful organic selection. I must admit, though that I was a bit saddened to see that there was no salad bar or fresh, daily made sushi, as many other Krogers that I visit. But honestly, as far as those go, your shiny floors, clean counters and uber friendly employees more than makes up for that. I get it, anyways. It is a small town, after all, and how much sushi is La Vergne really going to consume in a day? Even if it is just California Rolls and imitation crab and boiled shrimp? What I don’t understand is the lack of other items that I can even find at your sleazy, dirty, low rent competitor, Food Lion (bleh!). Sazon Goya. It’s a staple in my cooking. Here, let me show you what it looks like

and Adobo,

See, I was raised by a Hispanic woman. and my inner  Latina requires these items for home cooking.  I realize that “ethnic” foods are determined by the area’s demographics, but as I look around La Vergne, I see a huge Hispanic population. I see these items fly off the shelves at Food Lion. I even noticed that you don’t carry your own Kroger brand tortillas, which is a real shame. They truly are the best.

I’ve not had reason as of yet to go in search of red curry paste in your store, only thinking of it now as I write this letter, and I can only hope against all hope that it is there. Because other than cooking Mexican foods, I also LOVE to cook Thai.

One last thing, and then I’ll let you get back to your shiny floors and smiling, ever so helpful faces…

What happened to the Boboli Pizza Crusts? 

I looked high and low. I finally asked a clerk, who looked high and low and eventually asked a manager, only to come back to me, shaking his head in shame, saying “sorry ma’am, since we’re a small store, we don’t carry that item.” What??!! No pizza crust? NO PIZZA CRUST? Oh, the humanity!

Now, Kroger, I can understand, to a degree, the specialty “ethnic” items such as my beloved Sazon Goya, sushi, even the salad bar isn’t such a big deal, I can make a salad at home. But No Boboli, ready made Pizza Crust for me to take and slather with sauce of my making, toppings of my choice, picked from your organic produce section, freshly shredded cheeses, drizzled with olive oil…Oh, Kroger, why? Why no Boboli Pizza Crust? Instead I was left to entertain company with a can of Pillsbury pizza crust, all the while, hanging my head in shame and apologizing to my guests by saying I was not feeling up to my normal culinary-self.

So, Kroger, that’s it. If you could see fit to work just a couple of items onto your shelves, could you please make it the Sazon Goya products and the Boboli Pizza Crust?


Fortune Cookies


20 Responses

  1. Well, right on with the Goya stuff, f’sho. As far as the pizza crust, try this recipe until the Boboli comes in. It’s so tasty though, you may never want to go back. :D

  2. thanks for the yummy sounding pizza crust recipe, badbadivy! I’ll have to give it a shot.

  3. This isn’t exactly related to this open letter, but the talk about Kroger has got me thinking, are we feeling like the addition of Kroger is going to change our city in a positive way? I kinda feel that way, but at the same time there’s still a lot to do that their image can’t help with. For example, there was a project discussed many years ago about widening a local road, Waldron road. Ever heard of it? Anyway, I wonder if that wil ever happen?????

  4. Hey they have my diet cream soda (A&W). I had dinner at WillStan’s Grille last night and looking at it and the Kroger… well it really feels so much better here now!

  5. I sure hope that happens. I noticed at one point the markers along the side of waldron road, indicating that at the very least some surveying had been done for the mentioned widening project. I too have wondered what’s ever happened to that project. All in all, I see good positive changes taking shape in La Vergne. Last summer I couldn’t drive down my street without seeing gangs, this year, they are gone. Maybe they’ve moved to another area of LFE? Who knows. But I don’t see them. Why? Because people in my neighborhood made it abundantly clear that their behavior would not be tolerated. With some police intervention, and some citizens standing up for themselves, eventually, they moved on. I think it will take a diligent effort of our community to continue this trend. I am more and more hopeful that La Vergne can turn the corner and become safe, nice little place to live and raise a family. With an influx of new businesses, a true effort to beautify, and community outreach, so too will come a renewed community pride, thus promoting an all around positive atmosphere. At least that’s what I believe.

  6. I agree people! La Vergne seems like it’s headed in the right direction. Not only do we have a Kroger! I’m seeing new retail being built (M’boro Rd., and Nir Shreibman) and another building being rebuilt (In front of Burger King on M’boro Rd. – I think it used to be a hardware store). We may not be getting what we want….now but, I think if the city looks better with shiny new buildings, Green La Vergne getting started. THen I think more businesses that we would like will start showing up.

    Any word on the Shoppes of La Vergne?

  7. Here’s another staple that Kroger doesn’t seem to carry . . . blocks of Velveeta cheese, believe it or not! My poor husband had my daughter, other customers, a clerk and finally the manager hunting for it, but all anyone could find was the shredded Velveeta, which is ridiculously expensive. He thought perhaps he just wasn’t looking in the right spot, since some stores don’t refrigerate it, but nobody could find it. Yeah, I know it’s “fake” cheese and none too healthy, but I have a chili/cheese dip recipe that calls for it and nothing else really does the trick (and sorry, the Kroger brand is icky). Oh, well.

    If anyone DOES run across it at Kroger, I’d sure love to know where. I’m sure the poor manager was run ragged the first couple of weeks with things like this!

    Other than that, we’ll be shopping there, at least until the widening of Waldron Road starts. That’s going to be a huge mess, so I guess I”ll be going back to Kroger in Smyrna at that point. (I live off Waldron Road on the other side of I-24 and there’s no other way to get to Murfreesboro Road.) :(

  8. I went into Kroger and it is much nicer since things have slowed up since the grand opening. I want to say….. THIS IS LA VERGNE NEEDS. It is very cool that the owners of that old worn out building and giving it a 2008 look! I want to see more of this. I see alot going on. Rite Aid is now started. The retail behind Regions Bank has started. And the old building with the 2008 look will be open soon. Maybe we can get a ACE Hardware there. Alot has changed just in the last couple months.

  9. Sherry ~ just to let you know… Velveeta in the box is on isle 16 on a shelf at the end of the isle closest to the Milk. Not sure why it would be in the frozen section…..

  10. Sherry,
    I believe I saw Velveeta Cheese at the end of the shelf close to the cheese section-maybe the chip aisle. It is not refrigerated. I was looking for Cheese Whiz (sorry if you guys think it’s gross…great on hot dogs and burgers) and I believe I saw it there,

    Hope that helps.

  11. To LV2LV and hooty hoo . . . thanks so much! My husband thought it was pretty goofy that I posted a comment about not finding Velveeta, but I knew y’all would come thru for me. Hopefully the folks at Kroger will see this as well. :)

  12. Sherry – when I was looking for Boboli pizza crust, I heard a woman asking about Velveeta! Maybe that was you!!! : ) WOW it is a small world after all.

  13. Cricket’s trip #4 to the new Kroger was great… except for some little boy trying to act like a terrorist (for the lack of a better word). I even found an ingredient from a Rachael Ray recipe in the organic section… my salad tasted A+ without it by the way. I found the Velveeta on a lonely end cap… shame on you! It should be placed better. And I had a very sweet cashier, Jamesha, who gave me monetary credit for my own bags (even though they were Publix canvas bags). So all in all, my experiences at our new Kroger are getting better. The card readers still are contrary as hell…feels like Bi-Lo again – I loved that store! I’m a happy camper!

  14. I was saddened to see that I’ll still be pumping sales tax revenue to Smyrna via the Sam Ridley Kroger in order to get my Boar’s Head deli meat. Nothing but Private Selection Kroger brand at the La Vergne location.

    Oh well, with Waldron road not widened yet it’s still more convenient to get to Sam Ridley from Woodland Hills anyway than crawl my way over to Murfreesboro road.

    Well, at least once a week when I go that way anyway to haul the trash away, I can stop back on the way from the convenience center and get some Pepsi One, Kroger brand natural crunchy peanut butter, bag o’ salad, and other such little things :)

    That will be more than I spent in town since Bi-Lo closed. I remember the dark days before the Sam Ridley Kroger when Food Lion in La Vergne was pretty much the only option…which was a yucky option :) My wife refused to shop at Food Lion once there was any other choice.

  15. Friend of Entropy – Are you new to this site? If so, welcome!! For the most part, our side of I-24 is very much in the minority when it comes to comments. I’ve never seen anybody else from Woodland Hills on here, or at least they don’t volunteer that’s their subdivision. :)

  16. It’s just been over a year since I commented, I read it all the time though.

    The last thing that got me to typing was the election.

  17. Woodland Hills is close to my subdivision. And our side of La Vergne is represented in Green La Vergne! ;)

  18. Fortunecookies, I bought the last can of Kroger brand Adobo seasoning on clearance 2 weeks ago. Maybe, they’ll stock the Goya brand now that they’ve sold all their store brand. is it just me or are there a lot of close-out products being offered at the LV Kroger? Makes me wonder, why?

  19. I was thrilled when the new kroger had it’s grand opening. My husband and I have pissed and moaned the entire time we’ve lived here about not having a 24 hr grocery and the only real grocer in LaVergne being Food Lion (as someone else put blehhh).
    We are a one vehicle family and sometimes my husband doesn’t get home until late in the evening, not to mention I preffer to do my shopping at 2 in the AM (I’m not one for crowds or lines). The closest place to shop at 2 AM is in Smyrna.
    My first visit to Kroger here was very pleasant. I had thrown my back out so I was moving slowly. When i came to the checkout the cashier was so friendly and immediately saw my back was bad, so she insisted that she put my bags in the cart for me even though I was in that self checkout line.
    I did think the store was a little dark and drab, because I’m used to Kroger floors being bright and white and cheery instead of gray. It kind of reminded me of that Smith’s across the street. In all actuallity it probably felt a little more drab because it was afterall around 1AM and I was the only customer in the store at that hour.

  20. I would like to add that I’m just happy not to have to go to Food Lion anymore and I am THRILLED about not having to go to WALMART for my grocery needs anymore. I try to avoid WalMart like the plague. That place gives me an automatic migraine and in the holdiays it gives me not only a migraine, but facial twitches as well.

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