What’s On Your Mind This Weekend?

We’ve had some lively discussion over on the thread about whether lots of cars in the yard make bad neighbors.  Lots of strong opinions, interesting points, valid concerns, and even name calling.  Although the emotions are running strong, I think there is definitely validity to every comment.  But the big picture still holds true: we are concerned citizens.  Not just about too many cars, but also about gangs, violence, arson.  The thing is we ALL CARE about our community.  We all want to see people elected who will deal with issues directly and not just mamby-pamby around the concerns of residents.

I am grateful that we do have this site and at least one board member reads what’s on the minds of people who live here.  We hear over and over, “Just pick up the phone and call to talk to the mayor or whomever.”  Yes we have that option, too, but I am one who definitely can write better than I can speak so this venue is better for me personally. 

In any case, there are other who definitely are better speakers than writers.  Besides just calling one or two board members, I think we should have better opportunities to address the board when they meet.  To speak now, we have to sign up in advance (someone help me here … is it 24 hours or 48 hours?).  I think EVERY board meeting and workshop should have at least 30 minutes of open mic for anyone to stand up and speak.  It’s ridiculous that you can only speak “by appointment.”  I hope our board figures this out.  Not that I’m going to stand up and say anything (again me + spoken word = uh uh uh um um), but others who want to should have a better opportunity.

Other stuff on my mind?  The auction of the homes next door are gearing up.  I’m starting to see people arrive for the noon auction and it’s only 10:30 a.m.  This should be a good one because the homes are beautifully situated with acreage and GREAT NEIGHBORS!  I hope to see you there… ya’ll will recognize me from my picture.

Look for me at the auction. My cat will be at home.

Look for me at the auction. My cat will be at home.

What’s on your mind, LaVergne?  Have a great weekend!!!

22 Responses

  1. Both houses sold. We’ll be getting new neighbors! Woot!

  2. Kathy, I totally agree about open mic!!!! I tried to change citizens comments right after I was elected. Didn’t happen!! I did get it televised!!! I like the way the school board handles comments. You arrive about 15 mintues prior to their meeting and sign up with your name etc. on a form. They give you 3 mintues as well to speak on your topic. I feel that the citizens have the right to speak and should be given the opportunity with out an “Appointment”. I have found that the majority of people just want to be heard and given just a little respect!!! They care about their community and offen just have minor complaints that usually can be easily resolved. I personally do not feel threatened or afraid of what they have to say. If the citizens do not inform us about their issues then we can not work to resolve their problems or concerns.
    Way to go on selling the homes!!!!!

  3. Thanks (as always) for commenting, Senna.

    I did want to clarify, they were not “my” houses, listings, etc. They were auctioned by another company and just happened to be next door and across the street.

    It was a wildly successful turnout for that company and for the seller – Chip counted 35 cars parked along the street… 36 if you count his car parked at my place. Loads of people, one kid skateboarding, neighbors who walked over (like me). Great great auction. I’ll post some pictures when I get them downloaded. Maybe. Well at least one or two.

  4. What’s on my mind? It’s RAINING… ahhhhhh… (that’s the sound of my lawn soaking up water.) My rainbarrel is full. I need another one for the opposite side of the house. Maybe a tank instead of a barrel. Save up all the good rain.

  5. An agent in my office just said someone saw a funnel cloud near I-24 somewhere (not here, but somewhere in far far away land). I’m going to go check out weather.com.

  6. On This is Smyrna I mentioned Senna as someone who has reached out to the online community and listened to us instead of looking down upon us.

    I say “vote early, vote often” when it comes to Senna.

  7. On Sunday afternoon there was yellow crime scene tape at the BP at the corner of Parthenon and Murfreesboro Road, by the LaVergne Walgreens. I am interested in what happened and if there is still a criminal on the loose? Does anyone know what happened? I like to stay up to date on what’s going on and be especially alert if there are frequent crime attacks in the area. Thanks!

  8. I did not see that. I don’t know if there is anywhere you can view crime info for La Vergne. I would guess it was a convinience store robbery?

    I was watching the news this morning and there were two back to back stories about Antioch. In the first one, a man was coming home and was attacked at random, he fought back and the criminals got away. In the other story, a lady let her dog out and a man grabbed her and rapped her.

    I don’t hear about these things going on in La Vergne. I’m not saying they couldn’t happen here, but before everyone labels us as Antioch II, I think we should pay closer attention to reality.

  9. I totally agree with you Michael. It’s just not as bad as people would like to make it out to be here. I *live* in Lake Forest and I still feel totally safe even at night.

    Crap, look at all this agreeing I’ve been doing with you lately, Michael. This can’t be good. Next thing you know I’ll be voting for rich old white men and bitching about taxes. No, wait! I was just bitching about taxes the other day! Stupid self employment taxes.

  10. I didn’t see the tape at the BP either, but it probably was another robbery. Wonder if that’s what it was, if it was the same people who robbed KFC?

    For the most part, I feel safe where I live. I don’t stop to get my mail as often as I should because it’s right by the nasty campground and I’m not getting out at night. And I won’t pull in at my home when there are people with a car jacked up in MY parking spaces working on it. (Yes, that happened. I called LPD and they made them leave. I didn’t recognize ANY of the cars or men who were there.) I’ve lived in Antioch, well, it’s the “Cane Ridge” part now and I wouldn’t go back!

  11. Ivy, your a business owner and a democrat? Don’t you know that’s an oxymoron!?!?

    I do have an alarm system in my house, and I do use it. But honestly, I would even if I lived in a gated community. I just feel safer knowing that if someone does actually break into my house, I’ll have a few extra seconds to make sure my hand gun is unlocked and loaded :)

  12. Kathy, something just popped into my head that you are well-positioned to answer.

    Why is the city of La Vergne split into two MLS areas, but Some counties around us (Williamson and Wilson for example) only have 1 MLS area?

  13. Ivy, your a business owner and a democrat? Don’t you know that’s an oxymoron!?!?

    Well, not if you’re a big pansy writer like I am. I’m largely a democrat due to my social beliefs. You know, legalize and tax the hell out of pot. Legalize and tax the hell out of prostitution. Make abortion safe, legal, and rare. Spend shitloads of money on education. Teach people how not to be poor, and if they end up poor anyway, at least make sure they’re fed and housed. Etc, etc, etc.

    I’m all for guns and balanced budgets and all that noise, so there’s some conservative rumblings deep down inside.

  14. MichaelinLV – Excellent question. I had always assumed it was because Rutherford and its little cities were growing so much faster than the other areas of middle Tennessee, but I think I’ll call the MLS Director of Customer Happiness tomorrow and ask her.

  15. My side of I-24 is West La Vergne and it’s been like that for at least 10 years.

    “MLS Director of Customer Happiness”…. bwahahahahahahaha!!!!

  16. Between that and Ivy smackdowns, I have had my laughs this morning!

  17. Oh, Fred, I adore you. Your comment over on the other thread darn near made me wet my pants. Lesson learned: Never read TiLV until after you’ve gone to the bathroom. :D

  18. Just wondering if anyone else in LFE is as concerned or disgusted as I am. I would love to move in the next 3 years, and I doublt I will ever be able to move out of La Vergne without losing a fortune….which I don’t have anyway. I bought my house 2 1/2 years ago…(which I know isn’t too long ago)…but it has gone down in value $35k!!! That makes me sick to my stomach. Anyone else?

  19. Deana – In this real estate market, EVERYONE’s house has lost value across the country. Right now it’s a waiting game for values to come back. Just be glad you don’t live in Michigan, Florida, Las Vegas or other markets harder hit.

  20. Kathy – I’m also a licensed Realtor, although I haven’t been active in it lately. It is only a part time job. In your opinion, when will we see a turnaround? Would it be foolish of me to hope to atleast break even on my house in 3 years? I payed $140 for my new house and the other day, I found my same model, year and everything, sell for $105! Any advice or opinions?

  21. What’s on my mind is how the economy sucks so bad and how much it’s hurting the restaurant industry.

    I’d make my own topic about it…but I ain’t as privileged as my momma :D

  22. […] am thankful to the City of La Vergne for their understanding on […]

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