Twirling & Girl Scout Sign Ups

On a lighter note from what we’ve been reading here lately…

I will be deliverying flyers for baton twirling at the LaVergne and Smyrna elementary schools the rest of this week.  Baton classes are held in LaVergne on Monday evenings at the recreation building behind the city hall and police station area.  Boys and girls have the opportunity to learn basic routines and learn some modeling.  All twirlers enrolled in classes may audition for parade corps.  The parade corps twirlers will be marching in the Oldtimers Day parade this year as well as performing at the state fair. 

Just to clarify, there have been many extremely talented BOY twirlers so this is not limited to just girls.  In fact Glenn, one of the most highly-skilled and in-demand coaches, was a national twirling champion.  So don’t be shy if you have a son interested in twirling!  Information about twirling is available at LaVergne’s Parks & Rec department, or you can comment here and I’ll forward information to you.  Classes start September 8th.

Camping at Camp Sycamore Hills

Camping at Camp Sycamore Hills

In addition, Girl Scouts are now recruiting.  There are several events planned at schools – both daytime assemblies and night events.  Parents should really consider volunteering to be leaders, as well.   You do need to be somewhat organized, but the scouts offer training, etc. for all leaders.  

The girls in my troop have gone horseback riding, rapelling, canoeing, camping, flown on a zip line, team adventure (to build team skills), and the gigantic sling swing.  We’ve gone to see the Nutcracker & the Rockettes, bowling, skating, participated in festivals, picked pu litter, and so much more.  Girl Scouting truly builds strong character, teaches life skills, and allows the girls to make life-long friends.  If you’d like more information about joining, call the Service Unit Hotline at 355-8873 or Roxanne Warner, the Murfreesboro Service Center’s membership manager, at 890-2451.


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  1. The scout troop I was a member of (30 years ago) was horrid. In my 2 year membership, we did things like made sock puppets and put on a play that starred the troop leader’s 2 daughters. I got a “cooking” badge for making salt play-dough. Only one hike, ever.

    SO…it is quite refreshing to hear you write about your troop’s activities!!

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