New Police Substation Almost Here

Remember about a year ago when someone suggested that the LaVergne police department open a substation in Lake Forest Estates – get the city to buy a foreclosed home to make an office right in the neighborhood?  Well, someone did have the good common sense to consider it and look what we’re getting!!  When I talked to Chief Boyd a couple of months ago, he said they were just waiting for the parking lot to be poured and the utilities to be run… check, check. 

Police Substation

Police Substation

I am pretty pleased there are trees around it – it makes it look more welcoming.  I am very curious about whether they’ll tie it down so that it’s considered a permanent foundation.  Otherwise they’d better make friends with the neighbors in the event of bad weather.

I still hope the city examines its zoning laws to allow for some other artsy-type businesses.  Dance studio.  Art studio.  Ceramics studio.  Or wouldn’t a Mom & Pop grocery store be neat?  Man I have a thousand ideas if only someone could invest in them!  :)

Meanwhile, I’ll be glad to see the substation open.  If this one works out well, maybe the city will consider opening another one on the newer side of Lake Forest – near the fire station?   Kudos again to whoever made this possible (city, police, planners, committee, etc.)!


10 Responses

  1. now watch crime drop…..

  2. Looks like tornado bait to me, but it isn’t as bad as I first thought. It will be good to have a police presence out there, which is the important thing.

  3. I think it will look much better once they cover up the wheels.

    Asthetics aside, I think this will be a great addition, thank you M/A and LPD.

  4. This reminds me of all the houses on stilts I used to see in Louisiana.

  5. Other businesses – how about a hardware store? Driving to the Depot or Lowes is such a pain if you only need one little thing.

  6. Stilts! Em popo ave a hawd time awt in at bayou, Ivy (does that sound cajun at all?). That leads me to this, though. The real way to drop crime is instead of having a K-9 would be to have a freakin gator. Unleash that bad boy on the thieves and thugs, and watch crime drop. As long as he is a drug sniffing gator, it can be justified in court.

  7. hmmm….maybe some landscaping can save the aesthetics. It doesn’t have to look pretty to do the job, I’m just glad it’s here! KUDOS to the ones in charge of this one!

  8. NTL – There is a hardware store in LV. It’s on Murfreesboro road between Stones River Road and the post office. There is a big sign in the window that says TOOLS.

  9. Are you talking about Merchandise Liquidaters?

  10. Where exactly is the substation?

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