Twitter Talk

Do you Twitter?  Here’s a sampling of what people are thinking this week in 144 characters or less.

While I hate that Christmas music is playing, I love it that it’s Asleep at The Wheel….Let it play, let it play, let it play!

Hurricane Gustav looking increasingly like skunk at McCain party. Oh, and it could destroy what’s left of New Orleans.

As usual, everyone in my dept. is busy talking as I work. Grrr

Someone should create a sheet music wiki. Like The Real Book but web-based.

Red Lobster…finally after 1 year, I broke down and went…had a nice Salmon Steak.

Now I can’t be on American Idol because I know one of the judges.

I go through that a lot. I write about the alienation of rural politics. **crickets** Bigfoot, 40,000 page views in a day. le sigh..

In response: well, I’m at least encouraged by the fact that 4x more peope read about Bigfoot than a trashy chick on a playground. :)

Now entering the anger phase of insomnia.

Aaaaaand now entering the bargaining phase of insomnia. “If you let me just get three hours…”

I forgot how tasty ice cream sandwiches are. If you’ve forgotten too, I’ll update you: they’re TASTY.

I’ve been watching DNC & RNC forever. Same shit every time. Schools. Neighborhoods. Working folks. Jobs. Shut up and give me a flying car.

Don’t make me bring out the monkey story that my dad told me over and over and over.

Oooh! Fruit Stripe gum! It will be a fun afternoon after all!


2 Responses

  1. Not being a LaVergnite (?) I hope I don’t getin trouble for commenting (lol), but not only do i NOT Twitter I don’t even know how I would do it or understand why. I think I am in the minority.

  2. Matt, Just as video killed the radio star, twitter is killing the blogging rock stars. Go sign up for twitter, add katnap (to follow), and then you can follow all the people I follow including: tiny cat pants, william shatner, wil wheaton (wesley from star trek) and more. It’s a lot of fun. If you follow too many, though, without them following you back, you’ll be blocked by would-be readers because you’ll come across as a spammer, predator, stalker, creep.

    And you can comment here anytime.

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