Having a Laugh

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings

I don’t go to Stumble Upon often enough, but when I do I sure find some great sites.  For fun, here’s what I stumbled upon tonight! 

Cake Wrecks (Actually, a friend linked to this on Twitter and I’ve been laughing all evening looking at these hot messes!).

Soup Recipes (Fall and Winter are coming, afterall)

TV Ark (This looks pretty interesting if you’re a TV’aholic and like British TV)

Crazy Futuristic Pictures (well.)

Serious Waterfall (watch the whole thing… pretty amazing)

How many countries can you name?  (I got 53… lame)

Buzzdash game (this is my kind of game!)

Drainage problems (Yikes!)

Dog v. Cat Diary (haha)

Oh, and… (finally!)


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