BAM! I Love a Good Bookstore

I read in the news that Smyrna is about to get a nice new bookstore – Books A Million – along with a Best Buy (didn’t a couple of those just open about 10 miles east and 10 miles west of us?).  The stores will open near the Kohl’s, Target, new Theater corridor and I’m happy to get them.

I’ve read assurances that the traffic won’t be a problem on Sam Ridley, but I’ve sure seen a huge surge in the last five years.  Maybe when Waldron Road/Parthenon (whatever we’re calling it these days) opens, there will be some relief.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a good hobby or fabric store.


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  1. B.A.M.!? YAY! I LOVE B.A.M.! And I know there’s a Best Buy at Hickory Hollow, but I soooo hate going there for anything, I’ll be happy to see one here.

  2. Yea the new stores are going over by Lowes and I am so happy too….I also hear that there is fixing to be 1000 hotel rooms on Sam Ridley. Are we going to be the next Hickory Hollow area? Hmm. This town has grown so much and I dont see it slowing down anytime soon! Let’s get those checkbooks and credit cards ready to shop shop shop!!

  3. I would also love to see a new hobby store – and a party store. I visit those types of stores most often (next to grocery shopping) and I’m tired of driving 25+ minutes to Cool Springs and Murfreesboro.

  4. Let’s get a whole foods store too!

  5. all I need now would be a Sam’s or a Costco and I wouldn’t have to shop out of town for much at all. just to think when we first moved here all we had was Catfish House and Kroger…I am on the La Vergne/Smyrna line…La Mryna as we all it! :-)

  6. I saw a report the other day that “ORGANIC” food is not anymoe healthy . It’s just grow without all the chemicals. so a whole foods store would be cool but what purpose would it realy serve other than more expensive foods!!

  7. Yes, bearoller, food grown with chemicals is EXACTLY as healthy as food grown without chemicals. But what do I know? I’m an organic, free range cow. My milk tastes far better than milk from all those OTHER cows.

  8. Deja MooOoOoo,

    I think its great that there is food out there with all the added stuff. I know my brother was buying only Organic and he said it cost so much more and he stopped buying the food. I am planning on a garden next year so I can have fresh veggies to eat which I know will be much cheaper for me.

  9. meant to say without all the stuff added….

  10. Where do you live, bearoller? I love fresh garden vegetables, I’d be glad to come over and eat them up for you, errr, I meant, help you fertilize them.

  11. bearroller- You’ve touched on a subject close to my heart, so pardon the long commnet.
    There are four primary methods of non organic farming. The first is the use of pesticides and herbicides, which are used to combat insects and weeds.But these highly toxic chemical residues have been found in the crops themselves.YUCK. I dont want to eat bug spray. Do you? The FDA has since banned these chemicals from being used here in the USA, however, since many foods are imported, they still contain them. Second, is the use of sewage sludge, which at first was thought to be a great idea because it made use of human waste as fertilizer for non-organic crops, it was cheap and easy to obtain. Recently, however, tests have shown that large amounts of this method may contribute to chronic illnesses in humans who consume these foods.
    A third method used is hormones, antibiotics and remains of other animals. Hormones, while expensive and often illegal, are injected into animals to quickly bring them up to market size. Antibiotics are in fact used to keep the animals alive until they are butchered. However, a great problem with this is when we eat this meat; our bodies are ingesting antibiotics in high volumes and are becoming immune to their bacteria fighting abilities. So when we go to the doctor for an antibiotic, it does nothing for us. This is the reason we have things like MRSA. These medicine resistant bacteria are mutating and becoming immune to all of our antibiotics because of 1. our food being injected with it and 2. our taking antibiotics when they are not needed. As to carcass meal (remains of other animals) which are often fed to animals in the meat and dairy industry, many doctors now believe that this has helped to lead to the disaster, such as in mad cow disease, by keeping the diseased animals in the food chain. This is especially dangerous for humans when we ingest it. And finally, the last method is irradiation. Spices are exposed to radiation to kill bacteria or microorganisms that may be present. We all know the dangers of being exposed to radiation.

    Organic farming relies on the following principles:

    1. Ensuring that the soil can be used for many succeeding generations without using the fertilizers that were used in non-organic farming.

    2. Properly caring for the crops by using soil organisms and not by using pesticides.

    3. Recycling livestock manure and organic materials, including crop residue.

    4. Control weed growth and insect infestation with crop rotation. Also, not using anything that science has used in conventional non-organic farming. non-organic farming.

    5. Not tampering with genes of animals, no genetic engineering. Allow animal life to remain as it should.

    6. Lastly, determining the effects of this method on the environment.

    So organic foods may not contain any more nutrients, but it also doesn’t have the added insecticides, antibiotics, or other detrimental substances and it takes into account the lasting effects the crop will have on the earth’s environment. For me, it’s worth the price.

  12. Thank you NFC for explaining what “ORGANIC” means in “real people” terms.

    I have always been one of those people who thought, “what could possibly be the difference that it would make an organic steak cost almost twice as much”. But now I can see how it could. It takes longer for the cow to mature to a size suitable for slaughtering (without added hormones). It also, I am sure, costs more to feed it “Clean” feed vs. the carcass feed you mentioned.

    For years, I have not purchased my meats at the grocery store but rather at Costco where they maintain that thier meats are hormone free and I have seen a huge difference in my Daughters x 3 and sons behaviors/development. My oldest daughter prior to making the change to Costco meat, was soooooo moody at just the age of 8-10…. once we changed almost immediately, that lessened. Now I will say, she is still moody (at 17 augh) but now I know it is because of her age not her meat. And than God we figured this one out before the next 2 girls came along into that age group!!!

    My pediatrician has told me for several years that the hormones in the meats and dairy can cause significant changes in children (esp. girls) hormone levels. And the antibiotics that the doctors are prescribing are NOT as effective anymore because of the excessive amounts that the animals have in them.

    Wow – I am almost grossed out enough to never want to eat again…. well, almost.

  13. Bovine growth hormones for my brother and sister cows make me a sad, sad MooOoOozer. And sometimes we cows get sick and DO need antibiotics, but not all the time, it is not a preventative. Eat organic and/or free range (chicken!), people.

  14. DejaMoooo- exactly! Just like us humans, antibiotics should only be used when a bacteria has been identified, never as preventative, unless it’s before a dental appointment and you have a heart condition such as a murmur… and never for trivial things like the common cold, which is viral, not bacterial.

  15. Nurse MagMom agrees!

  16. Rocket – Have you been to Sunshine Grocery in Smyrna? It’s across the street from Kmart, on the bottom of that mottled brick building. It’s small but it’s packed full of all kinds of good stuff.

  17. Kitti – I’ve seen that and wondered if it was the same as the Sunshine Grocery Store that I used to go to downtown…I suppose it must be. Glad you mentioned it, I’ll have to check it out. Thanks : )

  18. I was doing some research and found entries about Shoppes of La Vergne. Does anyone have any news on that? I noticed there Is a big patch of land that has been cleared around waldron rd exit, is that where it’s supposed to go?

  19. If they think that Sam Ridley’s traffic won’t be affected they can go suck it because they’re full of crap.

    It’s hard enough for me to get to work on time let alone have to shoot off the ramp and then dart across two lanes of traffic and pray i get to the light before it changes.

  20. It’s hard enough for me to get to work on time let alone have to shoot off the ramp and then dart across two lanes of traffic and pray i get to the light before it changes.

    Oh, I hate that too. So much that I’m considering taking the LaVergne exit instead of Sam Ridley even though it’s so much faster to go Sam Ridley form M’boro.

  21. word,
    the shoppes of lavergne are going right behind Target and they have been working hard on clearing the land there. not sure whats going in over by the exit

  22. I have heard rumors of a possible costco in the area on the other side of the interstate in Smyrna

  23. I hate going Sam Ridley. Even though I’m on that side of town, I take the back roads to get on the intersate at Waldron Rd. Thank goodness I can take Chaney to get to the Target center back roads also. The only time I get on Sam Ridley is to go to Kroger or going the opposite directions away from “bankers row”.

  24. Just call Sam Ridley what it is (along with Providence and Indian Lakes)…another Cool Springs “Mini Me.”

    If we spent half the effort at conserving some green space that we did making more and more soulless subdivisions and strip malls, I’d be ecstatic.

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