Open Thread Friday

Open thread!  What’s on your mind these days?  Tired of politics?  Hurricanes?  Here are a couple of other things to consider.  

It pleases me that it was in Fresno, Calif. and not here.

A burglar who broke into a home just east of Fresno rubbed food seasoning over the body of one of two men as they slept in their rooms and then used an 8-inch sausage to whack the other man on the face and head before running out of the house…

There are some seriously crazy people out there.

For some reason, this also makes me happy. 

Have a great weekend!


20 Responses

  1. I like the story from San Fransciso where the police were called to investigate car burglerys. When they chased the suspect, he jumped over a retaining wall, not realizing there was quite a drop….200 feet to be exact. He should be a good candidate for the Darwin awards.

  2. Oh my gosh, that video cracks me up!! LOL

  3. Just got a call from friends and family that live in east Tennesee saying a couple of gas stations in Knoxville and Chattanooga have ran out of gas and everyone is in a panic because of hurricane Ike. A rumor? Should we be concerned? Hopefully we will not have to wait in a long line at the gas station! What do you think?

  4. My dad just called from east of Knoxville and gas has went up to 4.50 and expected to go up to 5.00. Is this crazy or what?

  5. Alabama in Auburn and Bham, hey are out of gas.. and long lines at the stations with it still… Filled up this morning..

  6. I paid 3.43 earlier this week at Kroger. My daughter paid 3.79 today. I think its just another way to jack up prices. They have evacuated two refineries, not shut down the whole country. What has already been refined is already in distribution. Its not like it comes straight out of the refinery pipeline into our tanks.

  7. People in Alabama have cars?

  8. And teeth. How do you know the toothbrush was invented in West Virginia? Because had it been invented anywhere else, it’d be called the teethbrush.

    Wah wah.

  9. I have lived in La Vergne a while and have been looking into the city’s up coming election. Can anyone tell me a little more about Alderman Waldron, I hope that there is more to him than what I have seen on channel 3? Alderman Waldron please, one meeting asks an intelligent question one that you don’t have to read. Question do you read your pledge of Allegiance and or your prayer. Alderman Mosley would it be safe for you to say what is on your mind, or would they have to BEEP it all out, I have talked to you, and you said what was on your mind, In a polite way. We all want to hear what is on your mind, which way you would like us to go to give you some help on the board.
    I went to and saw his you tube, all that I could think was you are kidding me Mike what were you thinking. Mike Slinker is a fine man, one of the best that I know but please Mike give us a break. What would you like to see changed, and how would you go about doing it, this is what we want to hear. Are you going to fly around and pick up paper, use your super hearing to hear all the crooked deal made in and around La Vergne City hall, or are you going to use your x-ray vision and burn all the brush along the roads? Seriously Mike stick with the subject, which is the election.

  10. Wow, that video is terrible! So we are supposed to simply view that and think that Mike Slinker will come and save us like superman? Seriously man, talk!

    I am leaning towards slinker for several reasons. For one, Waldron told me in May that they were working on resolving the LFE parking issue. So far, nothing. Second, I saw one of his signs recently posted on a vacant lot that clearly is out of compliance with our cities grass height!

    I think Dennis Waldron is a nice man, but I think we need some fresh blood to start resolving issues. Our current M/A are simply maintaing the status quo. While that is better than approving another crappy developement, I’m ready to start hearing actual solutions. I am going to email Slinker and see if I can get a little more info from him on his actual plans.

  11. I love the video!!!!!

  12. Well, since my name was mentioned I must reply. First, Bring it to Light, I’m not sure what you are saying, but I will tell you that I have to repesent the entire city of LaVergne and try my best to be professional. I am very passionate about LaVergne and want what is best for this city. Second, I must agree with Cricket123. I thought the video was cute. I personally think that Mr. Slinker was only trying to be positive. I LIKE POSITIVE!!!! I hope that this election will stay positive and stick to the issues. If anyone has questions of me please call me at 793-2469 or e-mail Come by my booth at Ole Timers Day and meet me.

  13. Actually Senna… the monkey could be you and the dog is the M/BOA. hahaha. I thought at first we at TiL were the monkey but I think it’s you! Just kidding. ;)

  14. Kathy, I WUV YOU!!!!! I have had a good laugh over that!! Now, everytime I sit up at the M/A meeting I will get tickled and it will help me keep my cool.

  15. michaelinLV I thought that I was the only one that had seen the locations on Chaney that Alderman Waldron has chosen to put up his election signs? Can anyone figure out why these yards can get away with literally being a DUMP?
    Alderman Waldron how can you come into this area or send someone and ask for our support or vote. Thinking back Didn’t these people also support Mayor Erwin, Vice Mayor Gann and Alderman Green, Alderman Mosley I was saying I like your sprit, and by the way hold on we are working hard to get you some help, I voted the other way last time from now on its you all the way. By the way has anyone looked up the address on Alderman Waldron’s Election signs, I did a Google search and the related searches were, Cartoon Coloring Pages, Tom and Jerry Cartoons, Cartoon Net Work Games, and Cartoon network, at first I thought what I have done wrong, and with further thought how appropriate these are related. I am so glad that a friend told me of this site.
    Kathy T I liked the monkey theory.

  16. By the way, Alderman Waldron has his site working now. I think this site is the only thing that he can say that he did for this city. Alderman Waldron, every thing that you have listed on your site was in the works or on the drawing board when you came into office. I have been thinking back the only thing that you pushed through was the change on your property where you live at this time. You used Mayor Erwin’s sister Premier Home Builders to do that, Oh yes Mayor Erwin voted yes on that on didn’t he.

  17. Alderman Mosley I watched the M/A meeting on channel 3; I don’t understand what happened or what the one way discussion was all about. Please explain why you were so against paying the money out, to whom and for what. Can you also explain what was going on and why or to whom you wanted to give the job back to? Alderman Waldron stated that this was just good business. I would like to find out what this is all about. If I e-mail you and give you my address would you send me all the information that you have.

  18. Thank you Alderman Mosley, I did not expect so much.

  19. MichaeinLV…have you seen the NEW yard sale signs on Old Nash?? They even have signs designated for parking. Lets see how long the junkfest lasts this time. Senna, what did you say the time limit for yard sales were without some kind of permit?

  20. Angie B.
    Title 9 Chapter 8 of the Mumicipal Code states:
    9-801. Definiton. Any offering for sale to the general public of goods from a place not normally engaging in such a bussiness shall be consider a yard sale. Continuing sale from the same location shall be considered a business and require that the provision of Title 5 Chaper 2 of this code be followed.(ord#94-7, July 1994)
    9-802 Advertisement signs. advertisment signs shall be placed only in locations not blocking the view of traffic and shall follow all state and local laws govering their placement.
    Removal of signs. all advertisment signs shall be removed from publis right of way within 3 days of the conclusion of the yard sale permit.(permit ?) Failure to do so shall result in the general penalty clause for this code of ordinances being imposed.
    Title 5 chapter 2 states you have to pay taxes.

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