Q&A with Senna Mosley

Q: Crime-What are your specific plans regarding our increasing crime and gang problems? I believe many improvements have been made recently, how will you continue these efforts?

A: First and foremost we MUST support our police department and give them the means that they need to fight crime. I personally feel that more officers are needed for a city our size; however, money is slim. I have had talks with Capt. Thompson on several ideas that he and the Chief are looking into using the funds at hand by probably enlarging our Reserve Officer Program. The police Department can not do this alone. Elected Officials MUST allow the Police Department to do their job without them being concerned over losing their job if they arrest someone’s family member or friend.

I am very supportive of the Neighborhood Watch Program and would like to see even more emphasis put on the Neighborhood Watch. It is going to take all of us working together to get this done. I have in the past four years supported the fight on crime and will continue to support all efforts to keep crime out of our city.

Q: Lake Forrest Estates- There are several issues here. What are your plans to reverse the increasing rental property and section 8 housing? What plans would you have to encourage families to once again purchase homes in that neighborhood? What specifically would you do about the parking situation? What about the apparent lack of respect for property values shown in moldy homes and overgrown yards?

A: I am not sure anyone can totally reverse what the planning commission has allowed to happen over the last several years. I have spent hours and hours out at LFE fighting with developers and their engineers over water problems and poorly planned areas (As a matter of fact, one of the developers calls me a terrorist), but I can not do this alone. Our Planning Commission and All Elected Officials have got to step up to the plate!!! While we can’t make people clean their homes, we have ordinances that can make them mow their yards and get the junk cars removed. I hope that the ”ZERO down moves you in” has come to a halt. This is caused by the builders and developers, but the city allowed it to happen!! If the developers and the city want encouragement for people to once again buy in this area, change the site plans for the areas not yet developed into larger lots with bigger homes that people would want to retire in. This also goes back to question one. WE NEED MORE POLICE!! As for the parking situation, there is really nothing we can do at this point to correct what has been done. Parking on the street, in my opinion is not safe; however, council has just passed new parking regulations for residential stating 3 spaces per dwelling unit and minimum width for residential driveway shall be 14 feet. Passed on first reading.

Q: Retail- What plans do you have to encourage some of the retail growth to come here?

A: Well I’m going to combine this question and some of the infrastructure question. We must sell ourselves to these retailers and to do that we have several things that need work. I personally think that safety is an issue. Back to question one – MORE POLICE. We must also work on our ISO rating. We just received our new rating a couple of months ago. We are at a 5. Most people think that this rating deals only with our fire department. That is incorrect. It deals with many aspects. We have a very aggressive fire department and I have full confidence in their ability to protect us, but like one of Assist. Chief’s stated,”Retail looks at what the paper work states not at what the fireman can do.” I am very pleased with their work; however, the report did show for the size city we have that we are 18 men shy of where we need to be. Again, we are talking funds. The report goes on to say that our water lines and pressure in certain locations are not adequate. If you are a retailer looking for a home, are you going to a town with an ISO rating of 5 or are you going to go next door to a town with an ISO rating of a 3? WE must support the fire department.  I pushed for a full time grant writer. We had a really good one, but she is no longer with us. I want a full time grant writer not an assistant to anyone. A good grant writer would pay for themselves in no time, but they need the time to spend totally on searching for grants and then it takes forever to get all the materials together for these grants.

Question Infrastructure: Smyrna is constantly widening and improving their roads, installing attractive streetlights and landscaping. What are your plans regarding any improvement for the aging infrastructure in LaVergne, particularly Chaney Rd., and Old Nashville Hwy?

A: We have had issues with our public Works Dept. for several months now. Our prior Publics works Director became very sick and unfortunately was no longer able to return to work. A new Publics Works Director was hired, I believe in August. My dates are running together. I am very pleased with his efforts and look forward to seeing more work being done on the road situation; however this also requires funding. I have talked for the last 4 years about widening Old Nashville Hwy. I feel this is our ticket to Sam Ridley. We still have large parcels of land that adjoins Smyrna on ONH, but most of it to my understanding does not have access to the sewer much less a nice road. I think it would be worth it to go for broke and widen the road and add the sewer. (”build it and they will come”.) I don’t think anyone is listening to me. Chaney Rd. is on the agenda for side walks in the near future. Personally, I think Chaney Rd. should have had sidewalks before some of the other places due to fact that we have 2 schools located here.

Q: Waldron Road- How will you help to see that this long awaited widening project is finally completed.

A: When you are dealing with federal money, nothing is simple. We were on our way with getting easements and right-of–ways.  As Vice-Mayor Gann stated, this was done at the wrong time so we lost the money spent on that part and we had to start again. This is the way I understood it. We are still in the process of getting all the easements and right-of-ways. I voted for this from the beginning and will continue to support this project. If you will look back at the first vote on this Alderman Waldron voted against it.

Q: Residential-Do you have any plans that would encourage more expensive (luxury) housing to be built within the city limits?

A: I have always voted against all rezoning of the R2 and R3 zonings that deal with the smaller lots and will continue to support R1 which is larger lots. Back to LFE. We have enough starter homes. I want people to be able to move up in LaVergne and stay.

Q: Who do I plan to vote for in addition to yourself?

A: Right now Senna Mosley. Neither of the other two have stood up and stated anything any different. We have major issues going on here and I want someone who is not afraid to speak out and help clean it up. I want someone who is willing to recognize this and is willing to work for the citizen’s best interest and the best interest of this city.  I want our reputation restored!!! WHO IS GOING TO HELP ME?

15 Responses

  1. Thank you Senna for actually answering the questions and not giving a lot of double talk! You have shown that you are not afraid to disagree with others and also that you are willing to work for all citizens. You have opened a lot of folks’ eyes over the past 4 years. Your honesty , straightforwardness, and accessibility has never been in question. We need at least 4 more like you!

  2. I agree, thank you for giving answers exactly as you see them.

    I had not heard about the ISO rating, that is alarming. For anyone who doesn’t think that rating matters, that rating has a large impact on what your homeowners insurance costs. I thought for sure with the new station we would get a three, but I guess if there’s not enough manpower, then it does not matter how many stations we have.

    I like your statement on ONH – “this is our ticket to Sam Ridley.” Just like the shopping center that is being built in La Vergne next to Target, we could get some good developement on some of these larger parcels. I would love to see you guys go out and fetch a Costco.

  3. Great answers Senna. You’ve got my vote!!

    Any word on the survey pins for the properties on Murray Ln.

  4. Thanks Michael. Our fire department has worked really hard to bring the department where it is today. If it was not for their hard work, we probably would not even be at a 5.
    I would love a Costco or Old Navy, Heck, I would be happy with any large retailer or small ones.

  5. Angie B,
    Yes, the city attorney has stated that it needs to be brought before the board for a vote to get it done. Of course, I will get it on the agenda.

  6. Thanks for the real answers, but I wish you guys would pass an ordinance requiring some trees around all these new commercial developments you are trying to attract. I know a lot of people, whether they realize it or not, don’t like looking at an asphalt wasteland. It’s a fact that nature has a positive effect on the psyche. Our retail areas tend to have a run-down appearance which probably negatively impacts people’s decisions to shop or live here, which would also impact tax revenues.

  7. […] Read the questions and Senna’s answers here. […]

  8. Thanks Senna, for the honest and open answers. I agree, it will take a community effort to bring La Vergne up to the status that we’d like to see achieved. With perseverance, insightful action, and positive reinforcement, La Vergne can turn a corner.

  9. Editorial Update: Because we want Mr. Slinker’s comments to stand in his own post, you can go here to read them. This was edited with permission from the commenter. Thanks, Michael.

  10. Michael, are you trying to help me answer my last question? Just kidding . Thank you for your interest in this election. I want to thank Kathy, as well. All of you do a great job and I really enjoy reading this blog. We must get the citizens involved as Mr. Slinker has stated and I think this site is a huge asset in doing that. I am sooo glad I learned to blog. A very special person has helped me get a web site http://www.sennamosley.com. Be patient as I learn to post on it. I must say all of you have got me sitting on my computer. Usually, I can not sit still that long!!!

  11. Senna, you are the BEST. I wish someone would stand up with you and run for alderman to help you out. I’d do it myself, but I have some very good personal reasons not to. :D

    Michael oughta, though. ;)

  12. Alderman Mosely, I agree that ONH needs widening and Chaney needs (has needed) sidewalks. Would you add sidewalks to ONH as well, I hope?

    Sarah N, I agree wholeheartedly, trees make a world of difference. So does asphalt, but not in a way that I enjoy seeing, or smelling, or feeling.

  13. I was just a goof and forgot to add all of Mr. Slinker’s email :)

    I have a question – Has the filing deadline passed for Alderman? No, I’m not running, I’m just curious if we now know for certain that these will be the three candidates?

    Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago we had something like 30 people running for Alderman. The times they are changing…

  14. The deadline has passed. I beleive it was Aug 20 or 21. You have three people running for 2 Alderman positions. Alderman Senna Mosley, Mike Slinker, and Alderman Dennis Waldron. Hope this helps. I was surprised too that more people did not run. Hey keep me in mind for one of your votes!!!!!!

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