Another Gas Watch

With gas stations running on empty all over the area, what’s the latest LaVergne?  Home Depot & Kroger on Sam Ridley are now out of gas.  The On the Run at Fergus and M’boro Road has an insanely long gas line with police now directing traffic.  I heard the Pilot station over by I24 also has long lines with the police stepping in to help with traffic there as well.  What’s the rest of LaV looking like?

I’d say we should all just stay home and let the panic subside.  But DO come out to Oldtimers’ Day tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Ivy solves the LaV housing problems with THE BEST idea ever…

I’m going to start a rumor that Nashville is out of houses and see how fast mine sells. Good plan?


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  1. We are staying in this weekend!

    Hope everyone has fun at Old Timers Day!

  2. Beck’s on M’boro Rd. is out, and so are Kwik Sak, Mapco, and Kangaroo On Waldron Road.

  3. was checking this site because it looked like it would show which gas stations still had gas left. did a search on every gas station i could think of in the lavergne area and kept bringing me to this site which only talked about stations that were out of gas and the only advice was to stay home yet go to ole timer’s day.

    site wasn’t helpful at all in trying to find gas to get to work. very very dissapointing when doing a search for gas and all we can get is someone telling us to stay home, yet still go to old timers day……ugh

  4. Well Josh. I *was* going to tell you that the gas truck was at the On the Run/ Exxon at the corner of Fergus & Murfreesboro roads about 5 minutes ago (9:30 p.m. Friday night) and the line is long (about 25-30 cars) with police directing traffic. And that there is gas on Sam Ridley at the Shell station in front of the high school with police directing long lines. But I think I won’t now.


  5. AND it also looked like the original post said the Pilot at I-24 and Waldron had gas, but I guess you missed that part, too.


  6. HA HA HA HA….If you want gas I know somewhere that they get 2 deliveries overnight……Ha Ha Ha…. They get their gas from Louisvile Ky so this station will always have gas!! Want to know leave me a message here!!

  7. On my way back from the Exxon at Fergus (Thanks again Kathy for the heads up), I noticed the Kangaroo had a tanker truck making what I presume a delivery. :)

  8. Dear Josh,

    Sucks to be you!



  9. the Thortons by the smyrna bowling center has gas this am but the lines have been long since they got a truck in around 3am the price right now as of 6am is $3.93 but across the street at BP it was $4.19 thats gouging. good luck on finding gas today ya’ll

  10. This is absolutely insane. If you can even find gas, it’s premium-grade only and well over $4 a gallon. I wonder how many people aren’t going to make it into work on Monday? And what about the school buses next week (or do they run on diesel?)?

    If it weren’t for the fact that my daughter has to sing at Old Timer’s Day (required school performance), we’d be skipping that, too.

    Oh, and BTW, the Mapco on Waldron Road says it’ll be out for “at least another 7-10 days.” Lovely. :(

  11. Sherry,

    I just came from Sam Ridley and all stations are still out of gas….sad….Dad lives in Cookeville Tn and says there is plenty of gas there and the price is dropped to $3.60 which is wonderful for the people on the Highland ridge. Maybe if people stop acting scared the stations can regroup and fill back up and drop prices here!!

  12. The problem is people are IDIOTS.

    There’s no fuel shortage, there never was.

    When you start a panic by spreading rumors saying ‘OMG We’re GOING TO BE OUT OF GAS OH NOES!’ what does that do? It makes every panicky idiot in the city rush out and go fill their vehicles up. What does that cause? Empty Gas stations.

    This lack of fuel issue is contained only within the general vicinity because people are just panicky sheep. It’s every psychoanalysts wet dream.

    Here’s a top tip: Try filling up before you’re so close to empty to where you can’t make it to work another day. Me? I fill up when I’m at a quarter tank left: 5 gallons or 110 miles of travel. Good for a day and a half work week. I keep another 5 gallons at home in a can (Which I use for my lawn mower too).

    Here’s the ‘Price Temperature Map’. Notice how the states that were actually hit by a hurricane have <$3.80/gal gas, whereas the states that were not are still approaching $4.00/gal

  13. Home Depot on Sam Ridley has gas again, but Kroger & Shell across street out. The line at On The Run about 45 minutes ago was only about 7 cars deep.

  14. Well, we’re going to have to find gas somewhere tomorrow . . . I’d certainly prefer not to pay $4 a gallon, though. We did NOT panic and run to fill up when the rumor of a shortage first came out, and I figured we had enough to ride out this supposed shortage. However, we’re now down to three cars with less than a quarter of a tank each. We have a couple gallons left in our lawn mower, so we may be siphoning that tomorrow!!

  15. Just passed the On the Run at Fergus/M’boro road again around 7:00 and there was NO LINE tonight. And they had gas.

  16. Funny how when people see a long line, they automatically think they should be in it. They never stop to think whether it actually might be for Brussels sprouts, root canals, or tickets to Barney Live!

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