2008 Oldtimers Day Over and Out

The 2008 Oldtimers Day was a lot of fun – the weather was perfect until tonight when it rained during the fireworks. Kudos to city workers for their hard work in making the day wonderful.  My photo essay …

The Parade

I was shocked and awed at the number of fire trucks and support equipment we have!  I waved to the dalmation mascot when I wasn’t dodging candy being pelted at me.   I’m not complaining about the candy, though. I collected pockets full to share with the Tennessee Twirlers who marched in the parade and couldn’t collect their own.

I didn’t even realize the work the Box 100 unit does until I read on Senna Mosley’s web site about how great they are.  So I had to take their picture.

Grand Marshal Brandon Brewer

This sign on the caboose of the alderwoman’s car was perfect. 

LaVergne High School Band.

Roy Waldron Elementary School cheerleaders with Principal Polly Pewitt proudly carrying the sign.

Kum Sung Taekwondo… I liked the picture also because of the little dude driving the John Deere.

The Tennessee Twirlers currently have open enrollment for Fall classes.  Visit TTI online for enrollment information.

Here come the Girls Scouts! 

The Rest of the Day

Gert the Camel.  I don’t know if that’s the camel’s name, I just wanted to take a pic and get out of the way before it spit on me.

I thought the escaping llama was funny.  Or alpaca or whatever it is. 

Clearly I am sometimes less than coordinated.  My accidental picture.  See all the candy on the table?  Picked up at the parade for the twirler girls.

And finally, the LaVergne High School Choraliers perform the National Anthem.

I actually do have more pictures, but I thought it would be mean to put the picture of the lady with the mullet up that I took because she made me giggle.  I did get to stop by the Green LaVergne crew’s booth and they looked like they were signing up quite a few people. 

A good time was had by all.  See you next year!

10 Responses

  1. Great pictures, Kathy! I was able to spot my daughter in the picture of the Choraliers. Any chance you could e-mail that one and the one of the LHS marching band to me? I’d love to put them up on the LHS music department’s website, with your permission, of course.

    And by the way, the camel’s name is Joshua. He is the sweetest, most affectionate camel you’ll ever meet. The parents of a friend of ours own an exotic animal farm in Readyville (outside of Murfreesboro) and they often take animals to local parades and festivals. Joshua is usually included since he’s used to travelling, crowds don’t spook him and people seem to love him.

    Actually the farm is owned by Bill and Joyce Boner. You’ve provably heard of him . . . he was just elected the Rutherford County Tax Assessor.

    There’s your bit of trivia for the day!

  2. it was a blast! Green La Vergne had a great response! Thanks to all who helped pull it together, thanks to Alderman Mosley for sharing her booth, and thanks to badbadivy for stopping by on her birthday to give me a break! We look forward to the progress we can make to help build a cleaner, greener, more beautiful La Vergne!
    Oh, and just FYI…I believe the brown one is an alpaca and the others are llamas…maybe he just wanted to go visit the gieco gecko?

  3. Sherry – the pictures have been emailed and you have my permission to use them however you want to promote LHS. It was good to meet Joshua from a distance.

  4. Fortune Cookies – if you have any good pix of the Choraliers or LHS marching band, would you mind if we used those as well? Thank you!

  5. I beleive this was the BEST Ole Timers yet!!!! Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to say hello and sign up for Green LaVergne and for signing up to get Senna Mosley yard signs. I loved meeting all the faces behind many of the “This is LaVergne Site Names”. Many…………… Thanks to Kathy for the wonderful pictures and the positive reflection that she shows to our wonderful City of LaVergne. I also want to thank this site for acknowleding the hard work that the city employees do to make this day happen!!! Long hours are spent to make Ole Timers a success even after we are long gone for home and bed, these employees are still going. I think a Great time was had by all.

  6. Please visit the Box100 web site!!!!

  7. Kathy the pictures were great, the entire day was a success Alderman Mosley your golf cart was great, and pretty much told what everyone was thinking in the back of their minds. Alderman Waldron I think that Old Timers Day in LaVergne is a special day to honor our heritage. You are an elected official and represent the City of LaVergne on this day. Mike Slinker is not elected as of yet, and he is representing himself and is paying his own way, Alderman Mosley had her election float in the back of the parade, Alderman Waldron we the tax payers of LaVergne were paying your way. Alderman Mosley evidently understood this as she represented the City with style and grace during the parade. Alderman Waldron you better start taking lessons from her.

  8. I am grateful to be allowed to share a booth with Ms. Moseley! She is Amazing!!!!

  9. Thank you for posting these! I had another commitment (conflicts with Old Timer’s Day every year) and didn’t get to go. The photos almost make me feel like I was there!

  10. Oh, sorry, I didn’t get any shots of the parade, you can visit Wifester’s shots at herFlickr Page

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