New Eatery in LaVergne?

I was driving down Murfreesboro Rd. this afternoon and noticed a sign for a new eatery called Heroes Grill.

Has anyone seen this and have any more info on the place?

Also, what’s going on with the old Pizza 101 place that turned into a used car lot that lasted a month?


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  1. This will be a family setting much like Toots; however the theme is it name Heros. The restaurant will have items from local fire depts, police depts, war medals from relatives, any item that is related to Local and non-local Heros. I’m am very honored that my late father and Hero, the former Assistant Fire Chief from Martin, Tn will be represented on these walls of fame. I personally think this is a good thing for LaVergne.

  2. I saw that on Sunday on my way to church. I’m excited. Keep’em coming!!!

  3. Where on Mbor Road?

  4. Is this in that new remodeled building where the lavergne pharmacy and flower store are/were?

    I am really glad to see that old block being covered and updated with nice brick. It looks really good.

  5. Is it open yet? I can’t wait!!! Who wants to come with??

  6. Kathy,

    Call me before 10-ish whenever you want to go and
    I’ll go with.

    Does anybody know when the “No-tell Motel” will go away???

  7. cricket-you crack me up with that “No-tell Motel”!!! but it does need to go away.

    I think this theme place is a great idea too. I’m happy to see our little city growing, in the right ways.

  8. Cricket, Are you talking about the motel next to the library, Weekly Rentals?

    If so, apparently Shriebman owns that land along with the pawn shop and campground (no surprise there). I emailed Grant who is head of the city planning commission and he said that their will be a strip retail center behind Regions Bank (construction in progress). He also plans (have not submitted yet as of May 29) to redevelop the weekly rentals and campground into a retail space.

    I asked the guy who works at the La Vergne Liquor Store and he said that there was going to be a laundry facility and a dollar store behind the bank (how exciting–sarcasm). I don’t know much about construction but, it looks likes there are too many walls/frames to be either one.

  9. The “No-tell Motel” I was referring to is the one on Waldron Road and Crackhouse Lane (I can’t remember the name of the road)… it’s across from Mapco.

    And what about the lovely establishment behind the library?

  10. That would be the Driftwood Motel.

  11. I think it should be demolished, paved over, and a Krispy Kreme store be built on that site. I would hazard a guess that the world’s best doughnut shop would pay their water bill and make a boat-load of income.

  12. What the A-Frame building infront of the movie theater? Anyone know?

  13. Oh, c’mon, guys…Weekly Rentals is great, if your name happens to be John Smith. And where would the roaches go if it were demolished, anyway?

  14. CGM, I’m wodering the same thing. Applebees and Ihop are supposed to go in that area, maybe it’s one of those?

  15. We ate at the Hero’s Grill. It was so disappointing.

    The hamburger was all filler, The young lady that waited on us was obviously waiting tables for the 1st time. The place wasn’t busy, and she kept coming back to the table every 5 minutes asking if we needed anything right now. That was after just getting the beverages.

    They make their own potato chips that aren’t bad.

    They are honoring the service men and women – plus the fire and police departments as well. I like that concept. They need to improve on the food. It really isn’t good.

    WillStans Grille on the other hand is really good. The seafood dip is to die for. The service is great. VERY personable staff as well. Go there often.

    Loey Allingham

  16. I also patronized Heroes Grill the other day for lunch. The food was ok. The owner’s mother stopped by our table to explain their concept. The service was good yet overly attentive since we were the only ones in the restaurant. they do make their own potato chips which is a great touch. They have invested a lot of money into that space and have plans to expand in the spring by adding a second level with a full bar. The menu is limited for lunch and dinner right now, but I suspect that could change once the word gets out and the kinks get worked out. I applaud them for opening a new place and wish them the best. They should be advertising their Grand Opening soon.

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