Restaurant Review

 I recently had the opportunity to dine at one of Nashville’s newest independent restaurants located in Historic Germantown, City House.  It has been described as rustic Italian and they cure their own meats in-house.  This aspect is what drew my cohorts and I to their doorstep.  My guess is the building used to be an old warehouse and the owners have transformed it into a warm, inviting place with exposed brick and a shiny open commerical kitchen.  The menu was very simple and not extensive, utilizing local fare, including lots of pork.  In fact, our server explained that the chef had purchased a whole pig in the day before and used every ounce of it.  They do change the menu often which their creativity reflects.  Since my friends and I are quite the foodies, we had to try almost one fo everything they offered.  Of the starters, you can’t go wrong with their house cured meats and the potato & montasio cheese frico was amazing. The entrees were quite nice, as well.  And we had to have to dessert.  We again tried one of everything, and I have to say dessert was the most disappointing part of our evening.  The creativity was there, but it didnt reflect in the execution.

Overall, our experience was a very good one!  We did tear up a bit once the bill came as it is a little pricey, but it was worth it.




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  1. Agree with your analysis. I’ve had two very nice meals at City House and really like the vibe there as well as the food (the house-cured salami is out of this world). Really my only complaint is that it gets very loud in the main room…

  2. K, y’all….this is a stupid question coming from a native Nashvillian, but where exactly is this “Germantown”? I’ve heard of many locations claiming to be just that, but dang!

  3. Isn’t it in the farmers market area? That and Salemtown and … uh … I can’t remember the third part of the trifecta area.

  4. “…the chef had purchased a whole pig in the day before and used every ounce of it.”

    Uh…..I have to assume this is just one of those “common sayings” as I don’t look forward to seeing “pigs teeth” on the menu.

    BUT…I DO look forward to seeing the menu in person!

  5. I’m Just Sayin… hahaha… pig teeth. Um. Gross? By the way, you can google “germantown nashville tn” and they have their own web presence. Like us. /smugness.

  6. I’ve heard this was a nice place, now I really want to give it a try, thanks for the heads up!

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