7-Year Old Girl Injured in Hit and Run on Ridgemont Drive

Thank you to Sarah, from Green La Vergne,( who happens to be the lovely and talented graphics artist who designed our fabulous logo) for bringing this story to my attention. I can not believe I’ve not heard a peep about it until I received her email with a link to a WGNS-radio station story about it.

La Vergne Police need your help in identifying the driver of a hit and run  that occured on Friday, 9/26, in which a 7-year old La Vergne girl was injured. According to police reports, the mother had illegally parked her car on Ridgemont Drive, just off Jefferson Pike.  Just after the 7 year old girl exited the car, she was struck.  The child was rushed to the ER at Stonecrest Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries.  If you saw or have heard anything, please call the La Vergne Police Department at 615-793-7745.


12 Responses

  1. How awful! I’m so glad the girl’s injuries were non-life threatening. I hope they find out who hit her. :(

  2. I certainly am glad the girl is ok but…

    … the story above says the mother was illegally parked? So is she not equally as responsible as whoever hit her daughter? I’m not saying we should prosecute the mother, but I also don’t think we shold start a man hunt for the person who hit her. Praise God that girl was not killed. It wouldn’t surprise if the person who hit her didn’t see her (if the injuries were not life threating, howhard could he have hit her?).

  3. I and some of my neighbors have been complaining to LVPD about the speeding on this street and we could never get any enforcement of the 25 MPH speed limit. We were afraid something like this would happen eventually. Now that it has the police have been doing some enforcement, but they really need to keep it up for a while to make our street a safe place for pedestrians. I see all kinds of vehicles speeding up and down this street, including school buses!

    And to Michael,

    From what I’ve heard from the neighbors the driver hit the girl and a parked car, so I’m pretty sure he knows. The mother certainly should not have parked in the street, but I can’t believe you would suggest that the driver should not be held accountable for his actions. If he had been traveling the speed limit and paying attention he probably could have avoided this.

  4. “for his actions”

    Wow, do you know who it is or was that just a typical male sterotype???

    So you would say that the driver should be punished to the fullest extent of the law?

    “If he had been traveling the speed limit and paying attention he probably could have avoided this.”

    If the mom had not broken the law by parking illegally in the first place, she probably could have avoided this too, right? That’s all I’m trying to say, as a guy, it sickens me to think that Mary Winkler walks free because she is a mom, if roles had been reversed, Matthew Winkler would be on death row as we speak. I love my mom, and I love my wife, the mother of my child, but at the end of the day don’t we all have to accept responsibility for our own actions?

  5. Jeeeeeesus, Michael. Coldhearted much?

  6. the story above says the mother was illegally parked? So is she not equally as responsible as whoever hit her daughter?
    Parking on a residential street with no real traffic in smyrna is illegal. It could be any range of illegalities that she was doing.

    Since we do not know what “illegaly parked” implies, I’ll wait for more details.

  7. Michael, I can see your side of the story, parking on the roads in LaVergne is not allowed. The mother having her car in the road is the contrubuting factor in the case.

    I haven’t seen or heard of many people being cited for this since the new odinance took effect.

    The driver who hit this girl knows he hit her and another car, parts of his car were in the roadway at the scene, they practically went driveway to driveway looking for the person that night.

    The person who did this is a coward plain and simple, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were in this country illegally themselves. If they find the person who did this I hope they enjoy jail, because that is a felony he/she’s running from now.

  8. I’m reeaaalllly not sure how we to Mary Winkler from here, but I only referred to the driver as “he” because that’s how I’d heard neighbors referring to him/her. Also am too lazy to type him/her ( ;

  9. She has got you there, Michael. Really, he is the pronoun used most often in our gender biased language to refer to someone in general if gender is not known. I just thought it would be fun to split hairs with you guys.

    I have to say, though, Mommy should know not to park on the street. Do you prosecute a train company if you park on the tracks and get hit? Yeah, yeah, I know they can’t stop and all, but if you are driving and a child or animal darts out from behind a parked car…hard to stop, and hard to see, especially if it is getting dark. It is terrible when it happens, so there is one reason for not having on street parking.

  10. I brought in the Mary Winkler deal because I thought Sarah was implying it must have been a guy who hit the girl and based on the Mary Winkler murder conviction (aka slap on the wrist), I think many of us feel that a guy would have been treated worse.

    I’m really not trying to be mean about it, the girl is ok and that’s what matter most. Here’s why I made the statment I did:My brother was cited in a hit and run when we were in high school, and he didn’t realize he had hit anyone (he and another car went through an intersection at the same time, and he barely scratched the front bumper of the oncoming car, not even enough to feel it inside the car). The person in the other car got his tag number and gave my family hell about it, even though no one was injured and a $5 jar of touch up paint would have been enough to fix the problem). Yes, my brother did not yield the right of way and should have been given a ticket, but the lady sued our insurance for some riduculous amount of money and so of course the insurance company my parents had for 20+ years dropped them. That situation is enough to make me question when someone is involved in a hit and run with no injuries, did the other driver even realize they did anything? Do we really need to pull out the pichforms and hunt them down?

  11. Parking o n the road is only prohibited when there is a Sign in place stating NO PARKING ON ROADWAY. I have checked the municipal code, if you receive parking ticket in Lavergne all you have to do is take the ticket to the City Recorder with $5 and your done. Talk about no teeth.

  12. Park, let me get this straight . . . do you have to have a separate sign on every single street and cul de sac in a subdivision? I’m not doubting your statement (just curious), but if so, talk about a waste of taxpayer money!

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