Happy Halloween!

Ready for a night of fun watching kids roam the neighborhoods begging for candy and other treats?  Be careful out there when driving because the streets will be sidewalks tonight.

Meanwhile, if you’re giving out candy, here in my opinion are the worst things to hand out:

  • Dum dums (lame!)
  • Raisins (oh ha ha ha ha – lame!)
  • Pennies (give me a break)
  • Candy that doesn’t belong – old candy (like leftover mints from the Sonic)
  • Suckers in the shape of pumpkins, etc.
  • Jolly Ranchers (I know kids love these teeth breakers, but if you see me out there trick or treating don’t give me a jolly rancher!)
  • Gum (just no)
  • Black licorice (nasty)

What’s the worst candy you’ve gotten?  The best (dollar bills are always good!)?

Remember, turn off your light if you’re not giving out candy.

Photo from eyeliam via FlickrCommons.


Positive post here….

Tennessee Titans are 7-0!!!!  The only undefeated team in all of the NFL!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!


Question here…

What to do when your “neighborhood watch” folds?  Ours was going strong… or so it seemed… and then “POOF!” … And how do you do this when most of your neighbors are “renters”???

Some Interesting Facts (In Which She Talks Real Estate Again)

The executive director of the Middle Tennessee Association of Realtors came to our meeting today and said that no matter how many press releases are sent, the media is so focused on bad news that none of the good stuff gets out. 

What good news?  First, it looks like the average sales price of a home bottomed in June… down about $10,000 from this time last year.  But the prices are coming up again.  The number of days on the market are also decreasing.  Though it takes about 10 days longer to sell than at the same time last year, the days are shortening since June.

More good news?

The best selling neighbhorhood in all of Middle Tennessee is … LAKE FOREST.  Of course that would make sense since we have more homes to sell, but still.  It’s something positive to hang our hat on.

Gas prices are down, so we’re beginning to see more market activity.  November and December are historically good months in which to buy and sell, further aided with the fact that after the Presidential election next week, consumer confidence should improve.  There are still 100% loans available to people with strong credit, AND many other good loans available for those with decent credit.  Now is the time to call your Realtor and have a conversation.  Remember, all real estate is local.  There may be bad news out there, but in our own area sales are steady.

And while you’re at it, please go visit my real estate blog.  I’m looing for advice on what kind of gifts people like to receive from their agents during the holidays because – yes, it’s that time of year again.

Deepest Sympathy

We extend our sympathy to the family, friends, and colleagues of Bob Burns of the City Codes office who passed away earlier today.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

LaV Water Supervisor Passes Away

I received this email from Alderman Senna Mosley,

With much sadness, I am once again writing to the bloggers to inform them of a tragic loss for the city. Chad Bowman, water supervisor for the City of LaVergne has passed away. Chad was a loyal employee and a great servant to the citizens of LaVergne. Chad always had a smile on his face and loved serving this community. Please remember his family and the water dept employees as everyone tries to deal with this great loss of a father, son, and friend.

Our deepest sympathy to Mr. Bowman family, friends, and colleagues.

Look Carefully at the Broccoli

This is some kind of whacked out.  It gives me the willies.

Seriously… click through and see the pics.

H/T Briittney’s Shared Items.

Open Thread Friday

Congrats to Senna Mosley – who I heard but haven’t officially confirmed – won for favorite elected official in LaV!

What else you got, people?  Let it rip.  Or roll.  Or trickle.