Open Thread: Free for All Friday

Let’s get it on.

My question… how can we “see him” when we buy a Carnival Kia if he’s always up in the helicopter?  “DON’T YOU LEAVE UNTIL YOU SEE ME!”

And is it true that no one can ride the ferris wheel because they don’t have a permit to allow it (or is that a Nashville urban legend)?

Have a great Friday!


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  2. You believed something they told you on a commercial?!? ;)

    You have a lovely Friday, too!

  3. I think the A-frame must be theIHOP going in. That’s their usual store design.

    How long is the “yard sale” (loosely put) on ONH going on this time. It’s now entering it’s 3rd week and frankly, the pepto bismal pink signs are getting on my nerves.

  4. Any comments on the “debate” last night in the “Boro”??

  5. Hey Angie B,
    You are on the agenda for Tuesday October 7th. Give me call if you have any questions 793-2469

  6. yea i saw the yard sale going on last week and think those folks just dont get it they? pay some kind of taxes….ooops i shouldnt say that cause i dont live in LaVergne anymore sorry!!


  7. Great Senna…thanks so much for all you do. I’ll pass the word along.

  8. I too have wondered why no one is ever on the Ferris wheel. I’ve thought about going there, finding the highest priced vehicle, and offering to buy it only if I can ride the ferris wheel (and if they say yes, how much is the most expensive KIA? $30, maybe $40 bucks tops?)

  9. I sit down and watched the debate last night and went to bed pi—d. Alderman Waldron, although you read most of your answers out of your election flyer, you at least answered the questions. As much as I hate to say it you beat Mr. Slinker Hands down.
    Alderman Mosley I think we might have seen a side of you that surprised everyone. Although not everyone will agree with all of your opinions, you at least have one and are willing to share them.
    Alderman Mosley I wish that you had been given more time to explain your answers, I think that you are passionate about LaVergne. I hope that you consider running for Mayor in 2 years, I would vote for you. Mr. Slinker I ask you how many times you had attended a LaVergne M/A meetings, last night I got your answer, you have never attended a meeting because, YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN LAVERGNE. You were not prepared so you evaded the questions by building bridges. You even refused to answer one question by putting it off onto the residents of LaVergne; Sir the question was asked of you. I think that the residents of LaVergne wanted to hear your answers, better yet deserved to hear your answers. Mike Slinker you are the one running for Alderman and if elected your opinions would affect the residents of LaVergne for the next four years. Mike you remind me of the fast talking high pressure salesman that everyone hates to deal with, you listens politely, smile and walk away. Last night I walked away from you. Mr. Slinker I think that you should stay with carpentry and your bridges, and get yourself a better hammer because you have been involved in politics in LaVergne for at least the last eight years, Mayor, Alderman, Judge and Senator and by your own admission President of the LaVergne Rotary, and a Diplomat for the Rutherford County Chamber of Commence and several other organizations, yet you give them no credit for what they have done and are doing, evidently it has been all you. Sir you stated that that you have all these contacts that would come in when you call to help you improve LaVergne, my question to you is why you haven’t done so already, you need a hammer that works don’t you. The fact is we support the Rotary and the Chamber for this purpose which you are just a part of, and they are working hard for LaVergne. By the way our Board of Mayor and Alderman, our local County Commissioners, Our School Board members, State Repetitive, and Senators have resources; I am getting tired of your arrogance. Sir you did not have time to be on the planning commission after being appointed by then Mayor Green after being her campaign manager. Don’t try and sell the people of LaVergne a package of BS. LaVergne has grown up and we won’t take it anymore.

  10. Bring it to Light — thank you! I’ve heard the same words from others. We don’t need “bridges” to other places until we take care of the problems we have in our place. Hammers & bridges — please! Should have answered the questions asked instead of trying to impress with his so-called connections.

  11. I must say I’m dissapointed in some of the comments I’m reading here about Mike Slinker.

    How many M/A meetings have any of you been to? I’ve been to 0. How many had Senna been to before being elected? I think that is a straw man argument.

    What specifically has Mike said that makes you want to vote against him? Waldron and Mosley have a voting record, what else can Slinker talk about other than connections he has made that he thinks will be beneficial as an alderman?

    Listen, if you think things are going well in La Vergne, vote for Mosley and Waldron. If you think Slinker would be worse than Waldron, vote for Waldron. I don’t know who I’m going to vote for yet I just don’t see anything constructive in these responses, just people who don’t like Slinker because he isn’t currently involved in city politics.

  12. I am not sure how I got into these negative conversations, but I will address the comments regarding myself. First, Bring it to light I appreciate you voting for me. I have emailed you under this name and I really would like to talk to you if you have questions or concerns regarding ME. My number is 793-2469 I will not reveal your identity, but would respectfully request that you keep my name out of the negative when speaking of the others. Michael, I started many years ago going to School Board Meetings, City Meetings and was on the Board of Zoning Appeals begining in 2002 through 2004(Vice-Chairman) I was removed from the BOZA after I was elected due to the fact that I was legislative and BOZA deals with appeals to the legislation. This made since at the time so I did not question it. Last year BOZA was given to the Planning Commission and now Alderman Waldron serves on it. Back to my involment. I spent many hours fighting for the new schools Cedar Grove, LaVergne Lake, and LaVergne Middle, and the improvements to the High School. Carol Cook, Rick Wise, my husband, Julia Hill, several citizens, and myself worked very hard for the children in this area. This began around 1995 when the school board wanted to make our schools year around multi-tracking schools so they would not have to build the builings in LaVergne. Year Around single track school focuses on education, Mutli-tracking is herding children in and out! Look it up. We did and fought hard against it. By the way, Rick Wise and I ran for School Board in 2002. We became very good friends and continued to work together for this area. Wayne Blair was elected in 2006 to school board and also continues to keep me up on what is happening in our schools. I became very active in the city due to working with them in fighting for these schools and saw that I wanted to work for the entire city. I am not sure what your beef is with me, but I can prove what I stand for and what I have done and what I will continue to do for my community. The others can speak for theselves! If you want to know more you have my email and my number. Please feel free to call. My hours are 24 hours a day 7 days a week!!!!!

  13. Michael:
    I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here. Do you assume that because you haven’t attended any Mayor/Alderman meetings, your nonattendance translates to the norm? You may be correct with regards to the sheeple that generally compose the vast majority of uninformed citizenry in America, but if you assume this also applies to citizens who take an active interest in their community, I believe you are in error. For several years I was a fairly regular attendee at the meetings, until job changes eliminated my ability to attend.

    I highly recommend attendance; as far as what’s really going on in town – and who’s about what – it’s an educational eye-opener.

  14. Also, with regards to this statement:

    “Waldron and Mosley have a voting record, what else can Slinker talk about other than connections he has made that he thinks will be beneficial as an alderman?”

    1. Identification of specific problems he currently sees in La Vergne.
    2. Viable solutions to address these problems.

    That would be a start. :)

  15. Ok, a few responses:

    Senna- I wasn’t trying to badmouth you, I was trying to make a point that just because someone is not regularly involved in city politics doesn’t mean they are a bad candidate for alderman. I want a candidate that has an idea of what the city needs and a has a plan of action. I should have also clarified that I am going to vote for you Senna because I do like your ideas. I didn’t vote for you in 04 because of your past involvement in the city, but because you had good intentions. I have not decided on the other vote of Slinker or Waldron.

    Turbo1 – Yes, I assume that of the 27,000 residents of this city, maybe 10 go to the meetings regularly and perhaps as many as 1,000 have ever gone. Me? no, I don’t go because they air the meetings on channel 3 and yes I do watch just about every meeting when it is re-run. Does Slinker? I don’t know, but I think that’s more important than physical attendence. The only good to going in person is if you want to speak, which we all know if a pain anyway. When I have something I want to share, I email all the M/A. Usually they all respond either with a call or email.

    Turbo2- I sent an email to slinker asking him to respond to my specific issues of concern and he did. And, I posted thme on this website!

    If there’s something you want to ask that I did not, email him and ask ( In fact, I’m sure you he would not mind you emailing your responses back to Kathy to post on this site.

  16. Alderman Mosley I am sorry for involving you in the recent Blog. This Is LaVergne has been a way for me to tell just a little of what I can prove to be the facts and remain safely unknown. I always thought of Mike Slinker as a good man that would be an asset to this city and the good folks of LaVergne. I also thought of him as help for you on the board of M/A you have worked so hard for so long with so little help.

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