I can’t contain myself…

Dudes, the football gods are smiling on Nashville (and we are within the 13 county radius of Metro Nashvegas).  Wonderbilt, er… Vanderbilt is 5-0 and our (well, my… hopefully your) beloved Titans are 5-0!!!!   OMG!!!!  And the kiddies are on Fall Break!?!  Smells like a camping trip to me!!!  Football and camping!  What could make life any sweeter… besides winning the Powerball?


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  1. Being an Auburn Alum, and Fan I was torn this weekend. Because I always considered myself a Vandy fan growing up in nashville, and my father going there. So I actually picked Vandy this weekend (Of course I thought Auburn would win, but I picked Vandy because of the 4.5 spread) In anycase If we had to lose one like that I’d rather it be Vandy and that be our slap in the face to get things together, and hopefully beat bama, because my in-law are from T-Town and I can’t take a year of hearing that. But I digress the main reason Im posting is I know Vandy isn’t used to the hype, and winning and all that. But pretend you’ve been there before Vandy fans after the game we’re as bad as Georgia Fans. My car which had Auburn tags on it had a few non-removable VU stickers on it on the paint, and as I walked back after the game I heard much trash talk. Like I said I was for Vandy, lots of Auburn people come from Nashville and weren’t too upset about the loss, but don’t get that rep when your winning vandy.

    In anycase, Go VANDY! you better run the table now! heh.

    Boo Auburn, they need to find themselves an offense and quick!

    AND GO TITANS!!!! BIG WIN! was very excited in that game. With AU looking so bad all my attention is now behind the titans!

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