LaVergne Traffic is Better

I spent nearly all day yesterday out of town with my daughter and was on I-24 around 9:30 last night – pooped – and trying to decide if I should take Exit 64 or Exit 66B.   I’d had enough traffic for the day, so I picked the LaVergne exit.  I knew although I’d have to drive 35 to 40 mph rather than 45, the traffic would be much lighter – a much more pleasant drive than fighting the brake lights, car fumes, and crowds that we now have on Sam Ridley Pkwy.

It’s true we don’t have as much growth as Smyrna.  But what we’ve gained is comfortable driving in lighter and better flowing traffic.  Notice how easy it is to turn left without a light out of Kroger and McDonald’s onto Murfreesboro Road?  I can make the turn usually in 30 seconds to a minute, but if I’m turning left out of my office onto Sam Ridley, it can take me four to six minutes … and sometimes only because the cars piled up have the courtesy to let me out.  There are definitely some benefits to slower commercial growth for us.

Oh, and thanks to the city for fixing the light at George Buchanan.  It doesn’t stay red as long, so we no longer have to sit forever waiting for it to change.

Has anyone noticed the new Rite Aid has started going up?  The 13-year old said, “Why do they have to build another drug store? We already have CVS and Walgreens!”  I don’t have an answer … why have another used car dealership or auto parts store?  Maybe they’ll offer more product choices than the other two places.


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  1. I’m sorry, this is off the subject but has anyone gone to Walden Farm? My husband and I were thinking about going. I have never been but wanted to know if it was worth going. Would like to go pick a pumkin and enjoy this nice fall weather.

  2. Walden Farm is a lot of fun, especially if you have little ones! Tractor rides, pumpkin patch, hay bale maze. You’ll enjoy!

  3. Maybe the economic development folks can get some restaurant or major retail company to realize that La Vergne is ripe for the picking. I think the economy has hurt us some here.

  4. I think one of the reasons that major retail hasnt picked LaVergne is because the main thoroughfares are already built up and there is really no where to build now unless they start builing on the other side of the interstate. I think if some of the old businesses on MBORO Rd would clean up some or move then major retail could be willing to come there. The only land I see for sale is down by the new post office and I bet its not cheap either!! Maybe Senna can get some retailers in here??

  5. one of the main reasons that lavergne cannot get retail to move here is the lack of infrastructure improvements. another reason is that the impact fees are so high.
    KFC had to pay over $30K in impact fees in order to build. the city has relied on building revenue for so long that they are now screwed. thanks to the board members that worry so much about re-election that they are unwilling to do what needs to be done, raise property taxes. is everyone aware that there is a special mayor and alderman workshop meeting this week about the budget. our leaders have just about led us into chapter 7.

  6. I still have a major gripe about the traffic lights on Waldron Road…they aren’t synchronized worth squat!!! At prime traffic times (ie. between 9am and 6pm) it can literally take 20 minutes to drive from Mapco to Walgreens…that is a grand total of 2 miles!!!!

    I think Sherry and me are the only voices on here from the west side of town…we need to be heard as well as those on the east side of town. I just might have to go searching at the civic auditorium for answers….

  7. Cricket, I hear ya, girl! Where the heck is everybody from Farmingdale, Dove Creek (or is it Dove Park?), Woodland Hills, Walnut Ridge, etc.?! The bulk of LaVergne’s population may be on the east side of I-24, but there are several thousand of us on the west side, too.

    I wonder if there’s an easy way to publicize this site and get more people involved? To be honest, I just stumbled across it several months ago when I was looking for something else, and now read it pretty much every day.

    Oh, and I can top the 20-minute drive from Mapco to Walgreens. It took my husband 35 minutes the other day, but he made the mistake of going around 4:00 p.m., which I think is shift-change time at the industrial sites. Needless to say, he won’t be doing that again, but what happens when they start widening Waldron Road? It may be quicker to go down to Smyrna and back up Old Nashville Highway!!

  8. Sherry and Cricket, you’re right! The lights on Waldron are poorly set on both sides of I-24. I take my daughter to her father’s house in Nolensville and getting through those lights is just an exercise in the ridiculous.

    Kathy: I agree that slower growth is better. Slower growth is less likely to backslide or be badly built. It gives people time to adjust and to consider what’s best for the area.

  9. Three words that make an oxymoron: “La Vergne slow-growth.” I understand you guys mean slow growth on the retail side, but most people when the hear lavergne think about the humongo subdivision by the lake.

    I dno’t know about traffic in LV, I rarely travel the main throrofares. I will say Old Nashville Highway (should be Old Nashville Sloway) really, REALLY needs to be widened. Even if not a full 4 lanes, how about two traffic lanes with turn lanes on both sides and in the middle? That place really seems bottle-necked when I am travel during rush hour.

    La Vergne is definitely going to be hurting in the near future, regardless of whether we go into a recession or not. Fact is, any city that relies primarily on one type of tax will eventually be burned by their reliance on a single revenue source. For years in LV it has been impact fees and other taxes on new developement. Now that has slowed, what is the next option? Maybe LPD should patrol our strech of I-24???

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