Ruthies to Be Announced Soon

I have unashamedly edited this post because it sounded way too whiny before.  Go check your Google reader if you’re feeling lucky to see what it said before, but I don’t think original versions stay in the reader feed unedited… it edits for you.  Now if you post something and delete it, that will stay in the reader. 

I would say that we have some winners in LaVergne, but isn’t that obvious when there are specific LaVergne categories?

I know who one winner is…  But since the winner was sworn to secrecy, you’ll not here a peep from me since I promised to keep a secret.  A big, juicy secret!

According to the editor of the Daily News Journal via Twitter, “More than 750 have RSVPed to The DNJ’s Ruthies event Thursday! Our biggest thing ever.” 

Okay, so we’ll be congratulating several people.  I wasn’t invited, so I leave you in jest with an LOLcat thought …

Seriously, I don’t care.  Sniff sniff.



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  1. Ohhh KT…don’t boo-hoo…you’re a favorite of many for the things that really count. We love you more than the Ruthies could ever express. xoxox Cheer Up!

  2. Didn’t you love the DIE lolcat? Hahaha. I’m actually elated about one person who won and am all “Menh” about me not winning. There was some stiff competition in the Smyrna & M’boro “best real estate agent” categories, so I didn’t expect it. Maybe next year they should have a “Favorite Local Blog” category!

  3. You are winner all around…best friend, best blogger, best Mother, and best of everything! Yur there to listen to someone when they are down and you do a GREAT job at being their friend. No wonder we all love like we do!

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