Another Mosquito Post

Is it just my neighborhood or is there an ungodly amount of mosquitoes this year?  Every time we open the door, about 10 blood suckers fly inside.  I’ve already crushed two tonight for trying to dine on my arm – INDOORS!

I know our little world is excited for blood suckers these days with all the vampire books, movies & tv shows (Twilight, Twilight, True Blood) and with Halloween coming up, but the overabundance of mosquitoes is making me CRAZY. 

Seriously, is it just me?  Has LaVergne considered spraying to kill these little monsters?


6 Responses

  1. Kathy,

    It is not just you. I have a lot of them where I live too (Hollandale near Fergus.) It is really strange to have so many this late in the year.

    Love the cartoon…I hate ’em too.

    (long time lurker-first comment)

  2. We live off Waldron Road & Lake Road, and we have them too. And fleas. We keep our pets up to date on frontline and we’ve never had fleas before, but they’re impossible to get rid of this year.

  3. I have less than I did before. The woods behind my house were filled with trash; tons of bottles, cans, buckets, etc., each one a tiny mosquito nursery. I walked out my backdoor one day to go to the shed for something and then went right back inside. I had a dozen bites ON EACH LEG and had not been outside for even 5 minutes.

    Anyway, most of the woods have been bulldozed ::big, sad frowny face:: which also involved carting off the garbage ::happier face, but still missing the woods::

    What is it about a stand of trees that makes people throw garbage at it? Sheez!!

  4. Someone once told me that if you put a bag of water over your door that will keep the bugs away, is there any truth to this?

  5. LOL I love that drawing BTW!

  6. Those lil parasites are everywhere my friend and i hate them 2 death.Help!

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