Open Thread Friday

Congrats to Senna Mosley – who I heard but haven’t officially confirmed – won for favorite elected official in LaV!

What else you got, people?  Let it rip.  Or roll.  Or trickle.


4 Responses

  1. So…..let me get this straight……the new La Vergne Post Office does not (and will not) have a vending machine to purchase stamps.

    What’s next? No drive-thru windows at any of our TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-THREE fast-food establishments?

    Holy Bejebahs!

    I use a stamp, like, once every three years. I DON’T NEED A WHOLE FREAKING BOOK (which is all they’ll sell you at Kroger, which I understand)!

    And unfortunately, the PO’s inside window is only open WHEN I AM AT WORK ALSO!

    Install a stamp vending machine and put an end to the buffoonery!

  2. Amen!!

  3. I voted yesterday. Voted for Senna Mosely and, because I couldn’t decide if I liked either of the other two candidates, wrote-in a name (not my own name.)

    I figure if you need just one stamp, surely you can find some luddite (like myself) who still buys the books & you could mooch one off of them? :)

  4. I am a new homeowner to the city of Lavergne and as much as I love it here I do have one beef.

    Is there any kind of regulations in place regarding all these hundreds upon hundreds of signs everywhere?!? I am not speaking of the election signs I am speaking of the child care, save your home, lease/purchase, week or even month old yard sale signs, window cleaners and on and on.

    That is one thing thats just a beef to me on the clutterness and junky look all these hundreds upon hundreds of signs are giving to this community.

    Can someone please do something about this?

    Thank you for letting me and my family vent.

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