Positive post here….

Tennessee Titans are 7-0!!!!  The only undefeated team in all of the NFL!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!


Question here…

What to do when your “neighborhood watch” folds?  Ours was going strong… or so it seemed… and then “POOF!” … And how do you do this when most of your neighbors are “renters”???


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  1. At least you HAD a neighborhood watch. A couple of my neighbors and I tried off and on for years to form one, but the general consensus was that “this a nice neighborhood and we don’t need one.” Yeah, right.

    And go Titans! I’m originally from Indianapolis, but have no trouble at all rooting against the Colts. With the stretch of games coming up, we’ll drop at least one game (and maybe more than that if we don’t get our wide receivers healthy), but it’s certainly been a great ride so far!!

  2. i got my code blue shirt.

  3. We have what I would say is a moderately successful neighborhood watch. We were very strong last year in our first year, but this year half of our block captains dropped off for various reasons. Things we have done well are a neighborhood-wide garage sale, and a block party. Unfortuantely, this year none of our meetings revolved around actual safety, and our last meeting was rained out.

    I consider Cedar Grove to be a very safe neighborhood, but that’s why we have neighborhood watch – to keep it that way. I will say the city of LV should do a better job creating and sustaining neighborhood watch. Lt. Ruch who oversees the program will tell you that there are only 1-2 active programs in the city at any given time, but the signs stay up and rust away.

  4. I’m over in lake forest. I wouldn’t mind finding out about a neighborhood watch. I live up on one of the hills, and I’m normally up all night.

  5. Sherry- I’m from Indianapolis too! West siiiide! :D

  6. We’ve got a bunch of Hoosiers here…I lived on the NE side of Indi for about 8 of my growing-up years. :)

  7. We’ve been here 21 years and have met very few Hoosiers. Lots of folks from Kentucky, but not many from Indiana.

    Badbadivy and Kitti . . . where did y’all go to school? I grew up on the northeast side of town; went to North Central High School and then IU/Bloomington. I also worked at Castleton Mall when it first opened up in the mid-70’s. (Dang, I feel old!) :)

  8. Oh, there are lots of Hoosiers here, you just have to find them. :D I went to Ben Davis High School, I worked at the Chuck E Cheese over by Lafayette Square. :) I moved here for my senior year of high school (talk about culture shock!) and I graduated from Oakland High School. I went to MTSU, haha.

  9. I lived in southern Indiana for 2 years. Graduated HS from Forest Park in Ferdinand.

  10. And now our Titans are 8-0, baby!!!!! Love ya Blue!!!!

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