Happy Halloween!

Ready for a night of fun watching kids roam the neighborhoods begging for candy and other treats?  Be careful out there when driving because the streets will be sidewalks tonight.

Meanwhile, if you’re giving out candy, here in my opinion are the worst things to hand out:

  • Dum dums (lame!)
  • Raisins (oh ha ha ha ha – lame!)
  • Pennies (give me a break)
  • Candy that doesn’t belong – old candy (like leftover mints from the Sonic)
  • Suckers in the shape of pumpkins, etc.
  • Jolly Ranchers (I know kids love these teeth breakers, but if you see me out there trick or treating don’t give me a jolly rancher!)
  • Gum (just no)
  • Black licorice (nasty)

What’s the worst candy you’ve gotten?  The best (dollar bills are always good!)?

Remember, turn off your light if you’re not giving out candy.

Photo from eyeliam via FlickrCommons.


6 Responses

  1. I remember one year a guy gave me a church pamplet instead of candy. Guess he thought trick or treating was bad. I was so disappointed!

    The best candy I received was a lady who gave out regular sized candy bars. They seemed so big since I was little.

  2. Oh and another lady gave apples and oranges! Yuk! Who wanted good for you stuff on Halloween!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  3. I’m all dressed up and excited! I love Hallowe’en! And I don’t see the problem with raisins, I LOVE raisins, always have. They may even be sweeter than some candies.

    The worst candy is that weird toffee in the waxed paper, it’s black or orange. I think it’s really just decoration & not meant to be eaten.

    Have a happy and SAFE Halloween!!

  4. I know exactly what you’re talkimg about Kitti! That was always the last to be eaten when I was a kid. You couldn’t even trade it with anyone.

    I also once or twice received the full sized candy bars. Those were SWEET.

  5. best treat = grandma’s homemade double chocolate chip cookies. mmmm they were the best!
    worst treat = I must of gone to the same guy’s house as KC, cause I got the church pamphlet once too. bleh! But mine came with a stern “God abhors witches and devils, little one! You’ll burn in hell if you don’t change your ways!” along with the pamphlet.
    Happy Halloween everyone! And watch where the little ones drop that candy wrapper…lets keep LaVergne Green and Clean!
    Speaking of that… if you are interested in helping Green LaVergne pick up litter next weekend, visit us at theyahoo group
    and leave us a note.

  6. Y’all! A female child of unknown age came trick-or-treating at my house in THE absolutely most fabulous costume that I’ve ever seen in my life…. and it probably cost less than $5.00. She was dressed as a bag of Maruchen Ramen Noodles!!!!! Is that not the greatest?!? Hand-drawn pictures on poster boards made into “sandwich board” costume…I wish I had a camera at hand, so I could capture that image forever!

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