Happy November 1st

Can you believe November is already here?  After a couple of mornings with heavy frost, we can expect to see the leaves put on their color show and then the cold temperatures of winter will head our way.  For Halloween last night we had our usual ZERO people show up.  Of course I live in a spread out neighborhood and we have a super long driveway… if I was a kid I wouldn’t come here either.

Some catching up.

Finally, if you’re considering a move to Smyrna please come visit me at an open house tomorrow between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. 109 Chestnut Street.  The house is listed at $128,000 and the seller will pay $2,000 in closing costs (that leaves you about $1840 depending on your lender).  My estimate of monthly mortgage payment is $896, depending on your credit and if you can put any money down.  Visit LaVergnian Leanne Welsh to see if you’re eligible to buy!  Here’s a video (and more info here).

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Please come by and see me!

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