Election Day Important for LaVergne

Early voting on Old Nashville Hwy.

Early voting on Old Nashville Hwy.

I have cast my vote already, along with 52 percent of qualified voters in Rutherford County.  While all of us disagree with about half the population on their favorite candidate, I believe we can all take pride in the fact that so many people have taken interest enough in this democracy to be a part of this historic election.

If you haven’t already cast your ballot through early voting, it is very important that you head to your polling place tomorrow.  Not only is it a presidential election year which will decide which course our nation will take – a direction that will hopefully pull us out of this recession and back to economic health – but the election will also decide who will serve on our Board of Aldermen.  Today’s DNJ has an article interviewing Senna Mosley, Dennis Waldron, and Mike Slinker on what their focus would be in the next four years if elected or re-elected.

Voting is but a first step, though.  Once our aldermen are selected, it’s important to be involved in our local government.  Pledge to attend at least one workshop or BOA meeting this year.  Pledge to call the mayor at least once this year.  Be involved in the community to remind our elected officials who they are here to serve.  Don’t be shy.  Speak up!  The first step is easy … VOTE.


2 Responses

  1. I have one comment to add. Everyone says “You should vote, it’s our right.” I say, if you don’t take the time to educate yourself, I’d rather you not vote. I don’t care who your voting for, that last thing we need in this country is more uninformed voters. My slogan would be “Educate yourself, then get out and vote.”

  2. Amen to that!! I don’t always vote straight-ticket, especially on the local level. I vote for who I feel is the best candidate, whatever his/her party affiliation, which drives my husband crazy. He’d rather vote straight-ticket, whether he knows anything about the candidate or not, which drives ME crazy! :)

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