The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Well well.  It was quite an election night, wasn’t it?   It appears that big change is coming to this great nation, for sure.  But here in LaVergne … well … not so much.  But that’s not a bad thing by any means!

Senna Mosley and Dennis Waldron won their bids for re-election as members of the Board of Aldermen.  Our congratulations and wishes of a very successful second term for both!  From the Daily News Journal:

Elected in 2004, Waldron and Mosley finished one-two in this year’s race. Mosley captured 38.87 percent of the votes reported (5,756), compared to Waldron’s 39.68 percent (5,877). Political newcomer Mike Slinker had 21.15 percent, or 3,133 votes.

In other news, the city has announced its plans to open the police substation on November 22nd.  It appears that the public is invited but you might want to walk over,

Because it is a neighborhood park, there is limited parking available on site. The ribbon cutting will take place at approximately 11:15 and the celebration will continue until 2 p.m., including a hot dog lunch and time to visit the new facility.

Read the rest of the story at the DNJ by clicking here.  Besides prettying up their new digs, the police also recovered a laptop computer stolen from an Antioch teacher who lives in Cane Ridge.  I wonder if some poor soul unknowingly bought stolen merchandise or if (cue sinister music) they were involved.  With no arrests, it was probably someone who got taken.  Here’s how they found the computer (quite interesting, in fact),

The computer was taken on Aug. 24 and recovered on Oct. 21 using the LO/JACK system installed on it. LO/JACK for laptops is a recovery system which will track and recover the computer’s location when connected to a phone line or the Internet. The computer silently calls the Absolute Monitoring Center at pre-determined intervals, without interfering with the normal use of the computer.

Anything else going on?


3 Responses

  1. I think this alderman race was very interesting. You had two incumbents in a city where it seems many of the legal residents are unhappy with the progression of the city, and those two incumbents were re-elected?

    I personally felt like this was Slinker’s race to lose, and in my view he made two major mistakes:

    – He didn’t make one major policy proposal.
    – He partnered up with Waldron.

    Not to say anything bad about Waldron, but I felt Senna was almost a shoe-in for re-election because people know she’s a fighter. Slinker’s message was just that he’s ready to serve? So what, I’m ready to serve but that doesn’t mean people would want me to. We heard no plans regarding what he would do if elected, or if he would do anything other than sit around and vote however the Mayor tells him to?

    Here’s another question: Did anyone drive by the houses of the current alderman, did any of them have political signs in their yard? I’m just curious if Erwin, Green, or Gann took sides in this election?

  2. No suprise to me who won, Michael. I’ve been told that Slinker was only put in the race to “put his name out there for the next election”! He was supported by Gann & Green — Green had a large sign in her yard for Slinker (only). Here she is sitting on the board with two incumbents that she has served with for several years & yet she voted against them & boldly supported the opponent even working his campaign by showing up & working for him during the early voting & the election. She said she was “obligated” because Slinker worked so hard for her when she was running. The only thing I heard Slinker say that he was going to do was that he wanted to build a “bridge” to somewhere — I’m thinking another bridge to “nowhere” just more wishy washy talk. If he is so “connected” why has he not already tried to help the city? When Slinker runs in the next election, who will he be trying to un-seat — Green or Gann? Or is the rumor I’ve heard that Green will try for Mayor again true? Hopefully, that won’t happen — we are trying to raise above the “good ‘ole boy” system in our city & we need honest, self-thinkers in office not robots who do what someone else tells them to do. But this is La Vergne!

  3. Congratulations to Senna Mosely!

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