Thanksgiving Thoughts

Hello TiLaV! I feel like a stranger in a strange land writing here after such an extended hiatus. With banks folding left and right lets just say my job has kept me on my toes, to say the least. I feel like just yesterday it was spring, flowers were in bloom, and autumn was approaching slowly, but surely. Now all of a sudden here it is Thanksgiving, a month from Christmas,  crunchy leaves under foot and I’ve barely had a moment to comment here and there, much less post anything substantial. How time flies…

Well, first things first, the business of Green La Vergne.

To those of you who are interested in helping Green La Vergne with the TDOT Adopt a Highway effort, please go to our web site and download and fill out the Volunteer Release Form. Instructions on how to return it to me are posted there at the site.

To those of you who have already filled out your forms and returned them to me, THANK YOU!

TDOT needs us to return these forms asap, and the sooner we can get them turned in, the sooner we can get started. Thanks!

Now, since it’s Thanksgiving, er, um almost anyways, I thought I’d talk a bit about what I’m thankful for, in regards to my city.

I’m thankful for wonderful neighbors and friends who I will be sharing the holiday with, in lieu of visiting my family.  (Sometimes a family of choice is much more palatable and conducive to a healthy and enjoyable day.)

I’m thankful for the new police sub station that opened up just a stone’s throw away from mi casa. I have high hopes that it will in fact deter much of the troubles I’ve seen steadily increasing over the past couple of years.

I’m especially thankful for the house on the corner of Holland Ridge and Cedar Park, with the always nicely manicured lawn and flower beds. I like that the man who lives in that house waves a friendly wave whenever the Wifester and I pass by, even though we don’t even know each others names.

I’m thankful for the growth I see happening in La Vergne. I’m again hopeful that a bright future lay ahead.

And I’m thankful for This is La Vergne, and the smorgasbord of information that is always just a click away. Kathy has provided us with a wonderful community service, and I want to show my appreciation, so THANK YOU!

So, tell me La Vergne, what are you thankful for?


4 Responses

  1. I’m thankful for my beautiful healthy baby girl, loving husband, and mortgage that I can afford!

  2. In addition to my family, I am thankful for people who hold dear honest and open communications, people who are thoughtful and considerate, and the friendships I’ve made since I’ve lived in LaV these past 5+ years.

    Also, my gratitude goes to the volunteer writers on this site! Your perspectives and opinions are valued and I truly appreciate you taking the time to contribute!

  3. I am not an official LaVergne resident but I lurk here often since Kathy T is a friend. As the hours tick down to Turkey Day, I have much to be thankful for.
    This year, I am thankful for the gift ot time. The past ten months since my husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis have been the hardest, but in some ways, the best days of our 28 year marriage. No rushing about between chaotic jobs and kids’ schedules, no bosses to answer to, no rush hour traffic every day.
    Priorities have shifted, the “big deals” no longer seem all that important and the “little things” have taken on a whole new meaning.

    With my own job loss and my husband on Social Security disability, we have been blessed with the gift of good friends (which sometimes comes in the form of a complete stranger) — whether it’s a $50 Kroger gitt card arriving in the mail or an email saying “hey, how are you doing, can I take you out to lunch?” We have learned that God’s goodness walks daily among us in the people we call neighbors and friends. Like our next door neighbors (Andy and Rebecca Moore) who cut our one acre yard all summer long and won’t take a penny in payment for their time and expense.

    We have learned that the basic neccesities are really all we truly need. We have a warm home, a full belly and a love that has survived “in sickness and in health.” The bank account is busted, the car is running on a prayer and the time between pain medication doses grows shorter each day. But oh, the laughter and hours of uninterrupted time we’ve had these past few months. Despite the doctor’s warnings, we’ve had a good year. And the time has flown by much too quickly. But we’ve made the most of every minute. No, not skydiving or exotic travel. Just sitting and spending time with one another, hour after hour. Sometimes laughing at Andy and Barney’s latest antics. Sometimes just sitting in silence knowing one another is still there.

    And for that, I am thankful!

  4. Yvonne,
    I am so glad that you posted on here!
    Bless you and yours!!!

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