Be Safe, but Have Fun Tonight!


Here’s wishing you a safe yet fun and memorable New Year’s Eve tonight!  I’ll be sitting here at home with my family since *ahem* no one invited me to their fabulous New Year’s Eve party.  You all stink!  Just kidding.  I’m a big party pooper type anyway.

My guess is that our fine eateries like WillStan’s Grille, Sir Pizza, the Noodle House will be open tonight.  Go out, spend your money locally (fireworks, champagne), don’t drink too much and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE, and see you next year!

And as I’ve said in other places, good riddance to 2008! 











Happy New Year!   Welcome 2009!!!!


Video of New Listing on Hampton Road Dr.

For more information, go here.

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Should we have a monthly gathering?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I (for 0ne) had a blast at the Sir Pizza gathering.  Should we do this more often?  


Oh, and FYI – B&B Fireworks store is open for business!!!!

Poll: Best of 2008 in LaVergne

I’m thinking rainbows and unicorns today and wondering what you think is the best thing that happened in LaVergne this year.  Let’s have a poll to hear your thoughts!  Note: You can add your own comments on the bottom.


It’s the Caramel Corn

This tin of popcorn is seriously addictive.  I want to say both the cheddar and butter flavor are the best, but since the caramel section has the biggest section, I’ll have to agree with them.  It’s the caramel. 

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

Who’s inviting me over for New Year’s Eve?

Merry Christmas

Good Morning La Vergne! We here at TiL would like to wish each one of you a very Merry Christmas!

We hope you were all good boys and girls! Did Santa bring  you everything  you wanted?

Would you care to comment on what you receive,gave or didn’t get?  Leave a comment.  It’s open thread Thursday!

Have fun with your families today!

Monday Night Balloon Fun

My Girl Scout troop met tonight at CiCi’s Pizza in Smyrna for our Christmas party.  For around $7 ‘ish, you can dine on the endless buffet and have a cola or tea to wash it all down.  You know… pizza is pizza is pizza (although the mac & cheese pizza was sure delish).  The manager and staff were very kind and let us make all kinds of noise.

The *real* fun started when the balloon man came around.  He works for tips, but would like at least a buck or so to make some crazy designs.  The basket of fruit was awesome, a giant candy can, and the amazing giant hearts.  BUT the best were the hats.  Here are me and my friend Deb posing with our kids’ hats (because I don’t like to put photos of kids here without specific written permission)… try not to look at all the chins you’ll see in this pic.  My hat was a mohawk and Deb’s is a rainbow sitting on toip of clouds.

Balloon Clowns

So my point?  If you’re looking for some laughs on a Monday night, head over to CiCi’s Pizza.  It was a riot!!