Breakfast with Santa

breakfast_with_santaMy friend asked me to post this – I suppose it could also go in the Bulletin area, but I’m putting it here, too.  Master’s Touch Academy in Smyrna serves special needs kids (for example autistic or other kids).  Deborah said,

The children that attend this school have often not been appropriately served in public education and the staff has made a major difference with each child, I know the difference it’s made in my life, Brace has started the school in the 2nd grade level and now in 1.5 years is currently on the 5the grade level, I was told by public school that Brace would never be able to write in cursive; he now writes better than I do! 
To sum it all up, this school has tremendously impacted many families that were previously let down by having only low expectations of children based on their disabilities and now they have hope of their children becoming important members of society.
Please bring your kids to this event – they can have a great time for a great cause!

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  1. I just wanted to tell the people at Master’s Touch Academy and the church what a wonderful time my children and I had at the “Breakfast wtih Santa” event on the 6th. It was really a lot of fun and a very inexpensive treat for my 6 year old and 21 month old.

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