I Need Your Recommendations for Good Local Restaurant to Meet and Eat

I am looking for a LaVergne restaurant that’s open until at least 8:30 p.m. on a Thursday night.  It has to be affordable and child friendly.  I’ve thought about my favorite the Noodle House.  I’ve thought about WillStan’s Grille and the Lazy Pig BBQ.  Someone suggested (I think) Sir Pizza.  We need room for at least 10 people, maybe more.  I’m kind of leaning toward the Lazy Pig right now.

Why?  I’d like to invite the This is LaVergne community for a get-together / dinner on Thursday, December 11th.  BYOMFF&D (Bring Your Own Money for Food & Drink).  If you’re a writer for the site, please come.  If you’re a reader and commenter, please come.  If you’re a lurker, please come.  If you’re an anonymous commenter, come anyway because you don’t have to say *who* you are – just a reader!  If you’re a restaurant owner and want to offer a “manager’s special” please let us know!

So on this cold, cold Friday, please tell me a good place that can handle a handful of people or a crowd – depending on what the turnout is… if you think you will come, also comment because I’d like to be able to give a restaurant or meeting place a guesstimate.

Can you join us?


12 Responses

  1. I love the Noodle House. The service is not fast, which means you have plenty of time for leisurely conversation. The food is SO worth the wait and almost everyone loves the Thai Tea.

  2. So far one vote for the Noodle House, one vote for WillStan’s, one vote for Buffalo Wild Wings, and one vote for Sir Pizza. Anyone else?

  3. hickory falls is a pretty nice place to meet and have a good meal. THE CHOP STEAK IS AWESOME!

  4. How about Cici’s? It’s cheap and kid friendly.

  5. Cici’s was cheap when it was $2.99. Now it’s “$5 and some change??” You plop down $6 and don’t even get a drink. I’m not saying that’s outrageously expensive, it’s just more expensive than they used to be.

  6. If it wern’t for the SU meeting that night, I’d vote I HOP, or Noodle House. Shoot me a time KT, and perhaps I’ll join you.

  7. Crap, you said the 11th didn’t you? I already have something on the calendar that night. Will see what I can do though

    Wil Stans has that great meeting room in the back btw. :)

  8. i will not be attending.

  9. I know a new family restaurant that will be opened next Friday, 12/12. It is called “Hero’s Family Grill” and is located in the small shopping area on Murfreesboro Rd next to Flowers & Flowers (beside the other small mall with Dominos). I plan on visiting them during lun ch to check them out. Any place will be fine with me and I’ll try to come.

  10. I’d love to come but will be busy getting things ready for my son’s 3rd birthday. I hope you all have fun!

  11. At this point, I’m giving serious consideration to moving it to December 18th because I forgot we had a service unit meeting (Rocket reminded me!). And I’m leaning to the Sir Pizza…. I drove by and it looks like it could be a lot of fun!

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