Favorite Tweets from Twitter

Do you Twitter?  Here are some of my latest favorite tweets.

Everything is annoying.

I should say something profound here, but I have no brain cells left.

My life is so weird and awesome. More weirdness and awesomeness to come tonight.

14 days until Christmas and my Mother has begun twisting the guilt knife.

what will I learn today?

Random Political nonsense: Mark Maddox is moving across the street from me. He has used the leaf blower for four days straight.

If a musician was playing the cello in my house right now, I would be so happy.

who wants to help me move a piano tomorrow?

greatest spam line I’ve ever gotten: “As you slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters never point your way”

need to write my brains out. I wonder how long that will take? seconds? LOL

My Yoda impression kinda sucks

my cat baby sounds positvely evil as he stands at the door and growls to go out. he’s got serious catitude goin on.

They’re either doing fireworks or shooting up my hood. Either way, it’s probably celebratory

Puppy thinks my coughing is really a bark. He goes nuts and barks back LOL

Am thinking of suggesting Zamboni as a name for my boss’s unborn son


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