Open Thread Friday: Snow Pictures

Do you have any snow pictures?  I swiped this one from Chip’s myspace… he said he took it with his cell phone. Awesome possum!


If you want us to feature your snow day pictures, just email them to me at kathy (at) bobparks (dot) com.  I’ll post them in between meetings!

Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves!



From my drive to work.

Turkey Trot

Flavor Flav Snowman

Driving up Fergus Road

Driving up Sam Ridley

3 Responses

  1. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get to work in Brentwood this morning. I pulled out of my driveway at 6:03. I decided instead of taking the backroads to Waldron like I usually do, I’d take Sam Ridley. 1 hour later I was getting on the interstate!! I pulled in my parking space at 8:36…..whew!!!

  2. I know what you mean. Took me 2 hours from Almaville Road to Brentwood.

  3. Flava-flav….good one! HA!!!

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