New Food Places…

Do we have a new place on M’boro Rd?   I think we may have one less place on Waldron Road… Pablo’s Grill is questionable?  It is still open or not or undergoing new mgm’t again?!?  The neighbors would like to know…

I hope that the weather-gawds will allow us to gather on Thursday at Sir Pizza because I miss seeing some of my friends… and am very excited to meet new friends… 

Feel free to join in the conversation anytime….


7 Responses

  1. i know Heroes was supposed to have opened already but not sure the date now.

  2. I wish the new building on the corner of Stones River & M’boro was a restaurant and not YET ANOTHER pharmacy.

  3. Guys, I’m really starting to think we’ve missed the boat completely on the major restaurant chains. When you look at what Smyrna has built with the Target area, Movie Theater, and out-parcels, it’s too attractive of an area for the big boys to overlook. La Vergne is not geographically large enough to have our own population support our own restaurants. You need probably 60,000 – 100,000 people, and our build out estimate is 50,000.

    Our best hope probably is going to be in 20-30 years when the newness really wears off the Target area. Look at Old Fort Parkway in Murfreesboro. It used to be THE place in Rutherford county, but now everything has moved right down the road to the Avenue.

  4. Darn, I sure wish what ever restaurant that is residing in the space where Pablo’s Grill is could survive. It is such a great location for that side of town.

    I think the problem is that when it first opened, the restaurant’s decor and atmosphere was not very inviting. I remember how brightly lit it was, and I suggested to the manager that they take the lighting down, especially in the bar area. They have since improved that, but I’m afraid that most people have never gone back to try it out again.

    It’s too bad. I think they will have to have an entirely new kind of restaurant move in to revitalize the real estate there. It is really sad. Yet another prime piece of property in La Vergne that has gone down the crapper.

  5. I am *very* excited about Thursday and will be mightily PO’d if the weather kills it for us. I do agree with Michael that out city has already missed the boat for restaurants (and retail). But the good thing is that we DO have a lot to choose from when we go next door to Smyrna. One of the most charming things I find in LaVergne is that we are close to good shopping, entertainment, recreation, etc. Yay for residents, not yay for our tax base.

  6. In addition to the myriad of pharmacies, we also have a ton of auto parts stores. Can we get just one hardware store? Or did I miss the one we have? Can we also get another redbox somewhere in town? I think the one at Walgreens is busy enough to merit a second at McDonalds or somewhere.

  7. Heros will be opening Dec 29th!!! I think it will really be a great place for LaVergne. The walls are deticated to local Heros as well as Heros of local residents.(military, fire, police, Box100 etc.) If you have any pictures of family or freinds that are serving or have served this country please make copies and bring them to Heros to be honored on the walls.(shirts, hats, anything repesenting their division.) It has a local chef and he is amazing!!!

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