Don’t Forget Sir Pizza TONIGHT

tree1Merry Christmas!

We’re planning our first-ever and hopefully annual holiday celebration for Thursday, December 18th at 6:00 p.m.  We’ll meet at the Sir Pizza restaurant behind the Burger King – in the shopping center on Madison Square where WillStan’s Grille is located.  The manager is offering $3 off a large pizza and $2 off a medium. 

All of our readers, commenters, lurkers, and writers are invited.  No haters, though.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time, along with seeing some familiar faces!


5 Responses

  1. I was going to try to attend to meet everyone and see some old friends but with work I am staying really busy and wont be able to make it this time around. I do want to say at this time Merry Christmas to, Kathy T., Chip, Gingersnaps, BadBadIvy, and Senna!

  2. As a General manage of a pizza place I was curious to come. Especially since i have lived in La vergne now for 2 years and really have yet to meet anyone in this area…oh well its (:38 so I am sure its over,….maybe next time??


  3. I am so sorry I didn’t make it. The odds were against me tonight. Hugs and Merry Christmas to everyone!

  4. If you weren’t there and said you would or might be there, rest assured that you were talked about….hope we didn’t set your ears on fire too badly! LOL!!!

    A great time was had by all, except maybe our poor waitress… whom I tipped very nicely!!! I even included a “camping” fee!

  5. Oh, I’m sure my name was mentioned. :) Since I did say I was coming. In fact, I think my ears were burning. Unfortunately, I don’t think I had time to notice. LOL

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