Epic Fun Had By All

So I may be using the word EPIC too loosely, but still.  It was fun last night!  About 12-20 readers, writers, and lurkers showed up at one time or another at Sir Pizza for our first-ever Holiday Gathering.  Cricket was good to her word and wore antlers – which she took off for the photo!  Senna was there with the fabulous Ronnie, and another almost- public official was there – Mike Slinker.  I got to meet some of the movers and shakers of Lake Forest – I think they’ve  been able to shake more right now than move thanks to city politickin’ but it was good to see that when change someday comes, there will be good people there to support it. 

I do want to express my appreciation to Lucky Maze and the staff at Sir Pizza for letting us descend like a hungry herd of locusts into their fine establishment.  I did hear that with the new management, they may be serving brewskies soon to go with your pizza.  It was really a nice, cozy environment, though, and one I’d recommend you try.  I’ll post pictures after the jump.

Meanwhile, I did hear some city news yesterday.  The city has entered into a formal agreement to purchase the old post office.  The facility will be used for city offices (codes, etc.) – which apparently it’s desperately needed as they’re currently stacked like sardines in other facilities.  So excellent!  (It won’t be another pharmacy or auto parts store!)

So here are the pics!

NoHipHopPlease, Chirp, and the Mouth of the South

(l-r) SoundsGood, Cricket, & Senna Mosley

Our Two "Official" Lurkers - WELCOME!

(l-r) Lurkers Son who hates country music (Michael?) (sorry I'm half brained so forgot) and Glen, Gavin (sorry I'm half deaf so missed your name).

True Rabble Rousers

Lake Foresters Ken & Pam and Ronnie Mosley.

No gathering is complete without a Gingerbread Girl and some real Badness.

No gathering is complete without a Gingerbread Girl (Ginger in the green) and some real Badness (Bad Bad Ivy making peace sign). Also pictured are Ginger's lovely daughter and Ivy's lovely husband.


10 Responses

  1. Shit, the card got in the way of my fabulous breasts.

  2. Girl, you ain’ right. And I mean that. With great fondness.

  3. I do too have on my antlers!!!

  4. Yes and PredFan is wearing a lampshade! hahaha!

  5. urghh!!!! I totally hate that I missed out last night! Looks like a good crowd!

  6. Sorry I missed out on all the fun. Kathy, can you put screen names under each pic so I can figure out who’s who, or is that not a good idea since this is a public site? I’d love to connect names with faces!

  7. Ack! I am wearing a lampshade. That’s usually a NYE sort of thing for me! ;) And NoHipHopPlease is very fitting!

  8. Hey guys, sorry I didn’t make it last night. Me, wife, and baby all came down with a nasty stomach bug. I know this is the season of sharing, but I didn’t think any of you would want to join in this ‘fun.’

  9. We had fun and I am totally not photogenic… that’s why I have an uber cute cartoon!!

  10. I wish I had stumbled onto the blog earlier, I would have loved getting together with you all.

    Well, I have it now, and will definitely be saving to my favorites and checking often!

    And, if anyone is interested, this Sunday (12-21), the Grace Church community moves from their location on Waldron Road into their newly built home at the corner of Old Nashville Hwy and Stones River Road. You are all invited to join us for the very first services at 10:15 am. A formal grand opening is planned for a bit later.

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