Monday Night Balloon Fun

My Girl Scout troop met tonight at CiCi’s Pizza in Smyrna for our Christmas party.  For around $7 ‘ish, you can dine on the endless buffet and have a cola or tea to wash it all down.  You know… pizza is pizza is pizza (although the mac & cheese pizza was sure delish).  The manager and staff were very kind and let us make all kinds of noise.

The *real* fun started when the balloon man came around.  He works for tips, but would like at least a buck or so to make some crazy designs.  The basket of fruit was awesome, a giant candy can, and the amazing giant hearts.  BUT the best were the hats.  Here are me and my friend Deb posing with our kids’ hats (because I don’t like to put photos of kids here without specific written permission)… try not to look at all the chins you’ll see in this pic.  My hat was a mohawk and Deb’s is a rainbow sitting on toip of clouds.

Balloon Clowns

So my point?  If you’re looking for some laughs on a Monday night, head over to CiCi’s Pizza.  It was a riot!!


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  1. Those are some way cool hats!

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