Late Notice, But…..

Come one come all, it’s time for a get together.  Come out to Expresso Joes tomorrow afternoon at 2pm for a meet and greet and howdy do.

It has been sometime since we’ve all gotten together so if you have a free moment come support local business.  Have a thought or two and pretend we have everything we want in one place.  :)

Hope to see you there

Expresso Joes is located off the Old Nashville Highway and Rock Springs Road area near Quizzno’s and National Fitness Gym.


Weakley County Has It Together

LaVergne could learn a thing or two from Weakley County, Tennessee.  With the extreme ice emergency occurring there, the emergency management department has set up a Twitter account for updates on the situation.  If you don’t have power, with Twitter you can turn on phone alerts and receive the updates on your phone.

Check out the Weakley County Twitter account here.

Twitter Tweets

Thought I’d share some of my favorite tweets in the last several weeks months from Twitter.  These made me smile… Do you Twitter?  Find me @katnap.

Dear Jack Frost: until you redeem yourself, we are no longer friends.

More virus removals today & a trip to a client’s house for some computer tweaking. But first, a soy latte. Yes, I like artsy-fartsy coffee

When is it okay to point out to a colleague that she constantly whines and that it is annoying and you’d like her to speak like an adult?

Rejoined the Y today and took the girls swimming. Managed to not blind anyone with my exceptional whiteness.

My electric blanket doesn’t just tell me it loves me; it SHOWS me.

Heading to BGKY. There’s a slice of cake in my future.

yellow thing in sky make Jim warm

Think anyone in this super busy gym will notice if I dig for this wedgie?? Yeah

OK, you’re right. The White House website is cool.

Is MSNBC using Garamond? I approve.

Ok. How did I miss that Kelly Clarkson has a new song!? I LOVE IT! I’m totally rocking out to it at the moment. :)

I speak fluent cat, but damned if I know why Murphy keeps yelling at me. “What?! What do you want? Fresher water?”

Band passing by review stand playing patriotic version of Rockytop. A salute to moonshine! Hee-hawww.

Going to get lunch to distract myself from potentially bad situation sparked by being nice to flaky but sane aunt-in-law. May drink Scope.

just wanted to give a shoutout to my hair. which is being awesome and behaving. thank you hair.

Really want something big and fruity…other than my coworker. Like a bag of Twizzlers.

If they had an Olympic competition for Wasting Time, I’d be a shoo-in for the Gold.

I had a headache so I ate a candybar. I’m practically a doctor!

Tobacco Shops Robbed in LaV

I heard my mother-in-law mention this morning that a couple of places in LaV were robbed over the weekend and only now saw this in the Daily News Journal.

The suspect was described as a white male between 5 feet 8 and 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 250 to 280 pounds and wearing a brown hoodie with tan lettering with faded jeans and tennis shoes.

$1000 reward.  Call the police at 793-7744 if you know anything.

City Considers Relinquishing Library

By Senna Mosley, City Alderwoman

I have a bit of news that certainly has me concerned.  The City of LaVergne is considering giving the library to the Linebaugh System.  We would still give the same money for the budget to my understanding for the first year.  I know that the employees would no longer be employees of the city.  I have not been given all the facts regarding how the Linebaugh operates their library on paper, nor have I visited the Smyrna nor Murfreesboro sites to see for my self .

I am very proud of our Award winning Library and think that it is a positive feature in LaVergne that we can be proud of.   There have been some issues with the current Library Board, but I have not met with the entire board to hear their views and concerns. I did request a sit down with the Library Board and City Council but was told to “let’s see what Linebaugh has to say first” and “not to jump the gun.”

I personally think this is the major problem on both sides – NO COMMUNICATION!!  In the beginning, I  did agree to have the attorney look into the Linebaugh System to see  what our options were, but I feel that there are other solutions to these issues other than giving the library away.

I would love to hear from the readers on this matter as I want to make the very best decision for my tax payers and I don’t think going to the Linebaugh System is it.

You may post this with my name and phone number 793-2469 if anyone wishes to speak to me and give me information that could be helpful on this matter.  Our next M/A workshop in Jan 29th @ 5:00 If anyone wishes to speak on this matter you need to get your name on the agenda A.S.A.p   Thanks, Senna

Jobs Going Away

I just saw on the news that Bridgestone Firestone is scaling back on tires it makes for personal vehicles.  800 jobs are to be lost.  I don’t have any more than that… Channel 4 just said, “This just in…” as they ended their noon newscast.


UPDATE:  WSMV linked to the news article via Twitter.

Too Sick to Think

Sorry there have been no fantastic updates from me this week… I’m too sick to think.  I did change the look of our header.  My thanks to Ivy for the beautiful photo.

There is one big story brewing, but I won’t post about it until I have more details.  Meanwhile, what else is new in LaVergne or your own world?  …. sniffling, coughing, sneezing, and crawling back to bed for now.