Poll Closed… and the Winner Is …

  Answer Text Votes %      
The Noodle House opens. 27 39.71%    
Kroger! 14 20.59%    
Brandon Brewer gets second transplant. 8 11.76%    
New police substation in Lake Forest subdivision. 6 8.82%    
Gas prices finally drop to affordable levels after squeezing our pocketbooks for almost a year. 5 7.35%    
Senna Mosley & Dennis Waldron re-elected to Board of Aldermen. 4 5.88%    
Josh Osborne law signed by Governor to strengthen child abuse laws. 3 4.41%    
This is LaVergne operates for another year. 1 1.47%    


It appears that the Noodle House (under new management) is the runaway winner of the greatest thing that happened in LaVergne this year.  I did allow multiple votes in this poll, so I personally voted for several of these items.  Sadly, I’m the sole vote for this site surviving into another year.  Cluck.

Seriously though, I am elated that we did have so many good things to choose from this year.  I had leftovers tonight from The Noodle House’s New Year’s Eve meal.  I’m thrilled that Brandon was able to receive his second transplant because it was touch and go for awhile.  I’m elated about our new Kroger.  I’m very very proud of Josh Osborn for his accomplishment!  And yes I’m quite pleased that Chief Boyd and our leadership pushed and set-up the police substation in LaVergne.

So GREAT JOB to all of our nominees!

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