*Silent Scream*

Go away rain!   You grow tiresome!

Anyone notice some new signs all over town?  Since I’ve become almost a shut-in thanks to the neverending RAIN, I’ve only seen one on my way back and forth to work… it’s the one on M’boro Road as you turn right onto Fergus.  I saw it had Poole Knobs Recreation area and perhaps the YI Ranch?  I don’t know… I couldn’t read the whole sign through the pouring, drenching, neverending RAIN.

Just ugh.

12 Responses

  1. I saw strange blue signs, too! I was on M’boro Rd. heading to Suntrust and, low and behold, there was this weird, almost glowing sign…then there was another down by the Stones River intersection! Freaky, if you ask me!!! :)

  2. The signs are all over Smyrna on Ridley by the bowling center. I like this for it lets our visitors know where things are! Thanks to the state for putting them up!

  3. There’s also a blue sign near First Tn Bank. It tells you that city hall is straight ahead.

  4. Anyone hear a really loud noise this morning around 4 am? It woke my cats and I and I can’t figure out if a plane landed at Stones River Cove or it was thunder?

  5. I didn’t hear the loud noise this morning — hopefully it wasn’t another drive by shooting like the one in the Bill Stewart /Hollandale Rd. area about 3 weeks ago — 5 or 6 shots about 11:30 p.m. — SCARY! Anyone heard anything about it or has it been hushed, hushed by the La Vergne PR team?

  6. I don’t think the signs are from the state, I believe they are from the county. I had not heard anything about them, but I cannot for the life of me understand why this county would be wasting money on signs right now. I’ll remember this when the county says they NEED to raise property taxes next time!

  7. I have seen the signs in Smyrna and LaVergne

  8. I have seen the signs and agree with bearroller…. love to see the reminders of all the amenities we have in our great little city of LaVergne…..

    Jawsette…. YES!!! I thought I was going crazy this morning…. it sounded like a 747 was going to land on my roof. We must be in the same neighborhood.

  9. I woke up about 4am, but don’t remember actually hearing anything. I wonder if whatever it was is what woke me? Hmmm….

  10. I live over on the airport side of LaV and once a week a big airplane either takes off or lands and it shakes the whole house. VERY loud. My mother-in-law and I didn’t hear it this week (it’s usually on mondays or wednesdays) so maybe they’ve re-routed their flight pattern where it’s now over your houses.

  11. There’s a new blue sign on Murfreesboro Rd before the Walgreens as you’re entering Rutherford Co./La Vergne for the city hall.

  12. YES there are beautiful bright blue, easy to read and easy to see signs all over downtown LaVergne! And some kind of road construction, too. Looks like the median is being paved over, at least in front of City Hall. Anyone know about that?

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