Airport Noise

We may have an answer about the airport noise… from John Black,

“There have been a few early morning flights this week, and in the wintertime with the leaves off the trees and the decreased air density, sound travels farther so they probably just heard the engine run-up prior to takeoff.”

We’ve been hearing a lot more airplanes, but I do live near the airport so that’s to be expected.

I’ve been hibernating from the rain and now the cold so haven’t posted.  What’s new in LaVergne?


2 Responses

  1. I know you’re not complaining, but when I lived in LFE my neighbors always complained about the noise at the airport. I wanted to say, “duh, what did you think you would hear when you bought a home RIGHT NEXT TO AN AIRPORT!”

    Sure there where times when a sonic boom would rattle the house, but it was a fair trade off in order to watch the air show for free.

  2. I grew up an Air Force brat and when my dad retired, it took me months to learn how to sleep without the noise of an airfield. I find the noise kind of comforting now, but I don’t always like the super-loud ones. And yes, watching the air show for free is a definite perk of living here! :)

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