City Considers Relinquishing Library

By Senna Mosley, City Alderwoman

I have a bit of news that certainly has me concerned.  The City of LaVergne is considering giving the library to the Linebaugh System.  We would still give the same money for the budget to my understanding for the first year.  I know that the employees would no longer be employees of the city.  I have not been given all the facts regarding how the Linebaugh operates their library on paper, nor have I visited the Smyrna nor Murfreesboro sites to see for my self .

I am very proud of our Award winning Library and think that it is a positive feature in LaVergne that we can be proud of.   There have been some issues with the current Library Board, but I have not met with the entire board to hear their views and concerns. I did request a sit down with the Library Board and City Council but was told to “let’s see what Linebaugh has to say first” and “not to jump the gun.”

I personally think this is the major problem on both sides – NO COMMUNICATION!!  In the beginning, I  did agree to have the attorney look into the Linebaugh System to see  what our options were, but I feel that there are other solutions to these issues other than giving the library away.

I would love to hear from the readers on this matter as I want to make the very best decision for my tax payers and I don’t think going to the Linebaugh System is it.

You may post this with my name and phone number 793-2469 if anyone wishes to speak to me and give me information that could be helpful on this matter.  Our next M/A workshop in Jan 29th @ 5:00 If anyone wishes to speak on this matter you need to get your name on the agenda A.S.A.p   Thanks, Senna

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  1. NO NO AND NO..Even tho I dont live in La Vergne anymore I loved it there so dont combine them into this! La Vergne should be proud to have its own library…No way!

  2. I LOVE our library just the way it is (and the staff is AMAZING), however because I don’t know all of the details, it would be difficult to say. Why are we considering this? I’m guessing it has to do with money, but in what way? What would the pros and cons be of joining the Linebaugh system? I’ve been to Smyrna and Murfreesboro libraries, and at first impression, thought they were both decent. They both appeared to have a larger selection of books than La Vergne, but were also more crowded.

    Did I mention that I love the staff at the La Vergne library!? Plus we have an excellent kids’ section and a cool paper die-cut room. If anything changes, I certainly hope those things will remain.

    Senna, I appreciate you at least talking with us about it first! Thanks!

  3. sorry but I don’t understand why we would “give the library away” to Linebaugh (unless I misread this post). If anything, why not “sell it”. Maybe I need to attend one of these meetings to learn more about what is going on.

  4. I am a lurker here, but have to jump in and say that we’ve been intensely disappointed in the La Vergne library. The staff is fine, but the selection of books is miserable and often they can’t find things that should be on their shelves. Linebaugh has a better online system, seems to be more well-organized, and has a much better selection overall. We go out of our way to get to Smyrna or Murfreesboro just to make use of Linebaugh, rather than use the La Vergne library. I say it would be a welcome change.

  5. I have to agree with Celine. The building and staff are great, but the collection is awful. Many libraries across the country are county systems to get a better deal on book purchases and to spread the collection development costs (ie. purchasing staff) across a larger system. This should allow for a larger percentage of the LaVergne contribution to go toward content, which would be a good thing, to my way of thinking. What’s the point of having a lovely library if it isn’t holding much of a collection?

  6. I’m interested in what the benefits to privatizing the library are. I haven’t had a chance to go yet (5 years.. sheesh.) but Lissa has, and I’ve been meaning too recently.

  7. I am leery to respond to this post as I work at the La Vergne Library, and as such have a biased opinion towards it.

    Yes we do have a small collection. I cannot argue against that. When we do not have a book that a patron wants to read,we can get the book through an inter-library loan. However, our collection will not magicly grow if the Linebaugh System takes us over.

    “Often they can’t find things that should be on their shelves.” There are a lot of reasons why we cannot find items that our computer says that we should have. Another patron may have picked up the book to read it and set it back down on another shelf. A book may have ended up getting behind the other books on the shelf so that it isn’t visible. Another possibility is that the book may have been stolen, and we have yet to figure out that the book is even missing.

    Is our library perfect? No it isn’t. It does need some work. I am not sure if we need a bigger collection or a better collection.

    I do know that I enjoy working there and that I am proud of our library.

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