Tobacco Shops Robbed in LaV

I heard my mother-in-law mention this morning that a couple of places in LaV were robbed over the weekend and only now saw this in the Daily News Journal.

The suspect was described as a white male between 5 feet 8 and 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 250 to 280 pounds and wearing a brown hoodie with tan lettering with faded jeans and tennis shoes.

$1000 reward.  Call the police at 793-7744 if you know anything.


11 Responses

  1. The DNJ just posted that Metro cops caught this guy at a crack house so he is now off the streets. way to go police another one bites the dust!

  2. surprise surprise, another story of Nashville thugs coming here and robing stores in La Vergne.

  3. More like yet another armed visitation from the Crackhouse Castle by the Interstate exit.

  4. Good to hear he’s caught. Small store robberies are frightening because so much can go wrong.

  5. Any robbery is frightening… especially those around questionable establishments that should not be in the same vicinity as neighborhoods with kiddies, the elderly, and pets.

  6. Five eight and 280?No wonder he got caught!Suprised he did not have a massive heart attack running away.

  7. TheRand – Oh hahahaha…. I hadn’t even thought about that. Poor fool. Addiction is such a terrible thing… hopefully once the thieves pay for their crimes, they’ll get help for the crack addiction.

  8. Go into these stores and ask for a rose in a glass tube and they will sell you one. These are crack pipes and I know Metro just did a bust of some stores that sell these items Chore boy and stem roses. any store you see that sells the little roses in glass pipes are breaking the law and commiting a felony. report them. These stores that get robbed by crack addicts bring it on themself because they attract the addicts to their stores to buy these pipes!

  9. Those items are no more illegal to sell than a pack of zig-zags.

  10. bear does make an interesting point. If you make a living off helping people commit crimes (illegal drugs), should you be surprised when those criminals then make a victim out of you? I’m not saying they deserved to be robbed, just a thought to ponder.

    What’s the old saying, if you play with fire you’re going to get burned?

    (yes, I am posting during the super bowl which is quickly getting more boring)

  11. I didn’t realize what those were until I had been working in a store for a few months. I don’t believe they were illegal at that point — we had cops in there regularly and in fact the person who told me about it was one, and I pulled them off the counter until I could talk with the manager about it, and he pulled them permanently.

    6 months later the third shifter was robbed as my roommate and I drove out of the parking lot. I don’t believe the people had ever been in the store before, and they had robbed two other gas stations recently. Crime happens, I’m just glad David managed to get back into the back room and close the door.

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