Lunch at Heroes

I just had lunch with Bad Bad Ivy and we tried the much-talked-about new LaV restaurant Heroes.  Ivy has a lot to say about it so I’m hoping she’ll hop in and add her thoughts, but here are mine.

The decor was great. We sat at a booth with a Marines theme – a skull with a saying something likeheroes “Mess with us and we’ll kill you!”  It made me smile… although I can’t remember exactly what it said.  So atmosphere was great.  The service was friendly – I liked that I got a drink refill without having to ask and was offered a to-go cup at the end.  Very nice.

I had the turkey sandwich and I’d asked for the mayo/mustard combo to be served on the side.  It wasn’t, but as it turned out that was okay because I liked it on the sandwich.  But in my opinion, the best part was the homemade chips.  Those were warm when they came out, chewy… quite good.

Here’ s a picture of my lunch and I apologize for the grossness – I already took a few bites before I remembered to take the picture.  I recommend you give them a try!

Heroes is located on Murfreesboro Road past City Hall.  If you’re heading toward Nashville, it’s before you get to the Pizza Hut on the left hand side of the road.  The address is 5116 Murfreesboro Road and the phone number is 793-9501.

And let me just say how excited I am that we have a couple of really great places to eat now – my personal favorites are The Noodles House, LazyPig, and now Heroes.  But others love Sir Pizza, TeeGees, and WillStans which are good too.  It’s great to have choices!

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  1. Thanks to everyone who supports all local businesses here in La Vergne. It makes me happy to see a new business come into town and for the established ones to do well. If these places of business do not know what people are not happy with then they can not fix the problem. So let’s get and support them all!!!!

  2. I would like to thank ALL for the great support we got for Heroes. Our customers and family and friends have made it a pleasure to go to work everyday. The sad news is due to circumstances beyond our control we have lost our lease. We will be closing our doors the 15th of Febuary. It is another senario of the BIG fish eating up all the little ones and it’s legal. Hopefully we will be able to find a new location because we believe in Heroes, The city & the people.We are family owned and operated so our budget is small. But if anyone knows of a location for a great place feel free the email me or send a blog. It is hard to let go of something your heart believes in. Something Lavergne needs and wants. So come join us for our last few days. Kids 10 & under eat free. Thanks again for your support.

  3. Wow, sorry to hear the sad news. I had not yet made it to Hero’s but was looking forward to it. There are many storefronts opening up in the area, so hopefully you’ll land a new spot soon!

  4. I have no connections or insight, but it would be nice to see something come into the Ichiban Kitchen location. It is for sale as opposed to lease though…

  5. We might have a reprieve. During the bad storms today it blew off pieces of the roof.. Damaged some car of some of the teachers that were eating lunch. The fire department evacuated the whole building.The flower shop at the end of the building, roof fell in. I feel so bad for them because the valentine day orders and sales will probably be lost due to the damage. Other buildings in the strip were also damaged. Thank God no one was hurt. So I don’t know when we will be let back into the building. Hopefully we will find out soon.
    Until then we might be able to figure out a way to stay in Heroes and proudly serve Lavergne.

  6. Becky D.,

    This may or not be an idea, but have you asked about the old pawn shop location next to the liquor store on M’boro Rd? Or how ’bout one of the retail slots behind there? Or where the karate studio used to be by WillStan’s?

  7. Crickett 123,
    I don’t know if you realize this or not, but the karate studio is still there?

  8. It is? My bad.

  9. We need a coffee shop in LaVergne! Has anyone heard hints or suggestions that one might open? It would be extra fabulous if one opened across the street from the Library.

  10. Kitti, dn’t you just post about Espresso Joes closing? If it cannot survive and it’s right off SRP, how do you think one would make it in LV? It’s hard to compete with the starbucks big boys.

  11. Well we didn’t close the 15th!!! Still waiting to hear. So in the mean time come on down and visit us and have some good food. We are proud of HEROES and what we stand for. If you are at all patriotic you will love eating here. Hope to see you soon.

  12. Good luck to Heroes.What a difficult time to open a restaurant,but who knows?Here is my questions.How can a city with the population and traffic count produced by LaVergne not come up with something like a Ryan’s,Golden Corral,or Sizzler?I would think the stretch down Murfressboro Road from Lavergne and on into Nissan Blvd would be ripe for the pickens.The right marketing would have brought one of these family oriented,moderate priced establishments.Also,I do not think it would hurt the independent restaurant owners to any great extent.The possiblity of ‘overflow’ just means more people looking at all the other options near the business as well.

  13. A family owned restaurant can make it in La Vergne if they plan properly. They have to have enough finance to pull the restaurant through the first six months and only plan on surviving off of 3% of what is brought in.
    The food was O.K. at Heroes, but it was overpriced for what you got compared to other restaurants. Hopefully Matt and Amanda will open another one in the future

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