Two-fer Tuesday

It’s two-for-one day here at This is LaVergne. What does that mean for you?  Two items of interest in this post!

First, a DNJ reporter is looking for some help in writing an upcoming story,

Nan DeGennaro @ DNJ is looking for moms of school-age children who maybe work full-time or part-time from home or split time between office/home and juggle kids.  She wants to do a story on how they survive, if they have tips, etc. Anyone interested should e-mail her at

Second (and this is the one that frosts my backside), did you see this in the news?

Graffiti on the front of an empty house that included the words “Kill Obama” has upset the property owner, residents who tried to cover it up and many others, La Vergne Police confirmed Monday.

“There’s no good that can come out of that stuff,” La Vergne Police Capt. Stace Thompson said during a phone interview.

In my opinion, this is a threat against the President and should be reported to the Federal authorities.


8 Responses

  1. If every threat against our previous president was investigated and resulted in convictions, there would be millions of people in jail over it!

    This idiot will certainly be convicted in the court of public opinion, and should be convicted in criminal court for property damage, but I think if you begin locking up people simply for threatening the president with no plans or ability to carry it out, you head down a slippery slope called the first amendment.

  2. While I can’t say I agree with the sentiment, I’m not sure it’s worth alerting the feds. It’s not even a threat really, or if it is, it’s almost certainly an empty one. I have to agree with Michael on this one.

  3. I understand that It is against US law to threaten the life of the president (one of the few restrictions of our freedom of speech). Not to call him names, but to threaten to kill. I would imagine the police would know if it should be reported to the “Feds” or not.

    I really hope it gets cleaned off, soon. What a terrible thing to find on one’s house, regardless of whom it’s aimed at.

    There is similar, stupid graffiti on Mason Road. I reported it to the police when I saw it.

  4. I can’t believe some of these comments. How can anyone believe that advocating the killing a person, president or not, is protected by the first amendment?

  5. Kitti, it is only against the law to threaten the president by mail.—-000-.html

    JustMe, when freedom of speech issues are challenged in court, the judge has to determine if the threat is credible, meaning did that person have the intention and the ability to carry out that threat. What if you were so mad at something Ivy said, and then when Ivy wasn’t around said to Kathy T. that you wanted to punch Ivy in the face? Would you think it fair for you to be arrested and charged with assault when you just made a comment in the heat of the moment? That’s why I believe this idiot should be protected under the first amendment. Otherwise you go back to that slippery slope.

  6. Hmm. While it might not be against the law per se to make threats against the President, I do know a person who jokingly threatened to kill our former President on an AOL message board and the next day the Secret Service was at her house to question her. So I do know they take threats against the President very seriously.

    I do, however, think it’s a big difference between threatening to punch someone and threatening to kill someone. As someone who (predictably) has had threats against my life, I can tell you it’s a terrifying thing. But I don’t mind someone threatening to punch me in the face, ha. But I do hit back. ;)

  7. Tht’s what I was referring to earlier Ivy, if everyone who threated to kill Bush was thrown in jail, we would need another bailout fund just to cover the cost of new prisons!

    LPD has said this is being investigated, and that is the right thing. If this person did have the intent or ability to carry out this threat, then he should be convicted. Just like if somebody spraypainted a threat on your with the intent or ability to carry it out, they too should go to jail.

    Of course Ivy, I cannot believe you would be participating on a message board that had anything negative to say about our former Commander in Cheif, or would you :)

  8. If it had said Kill bin Laden something tells me that this wouldn’t be nearly so controversial :) It’s a punk with a can of spray paint. My son and daughter routinely threaten to “kill” one another too, but I’m not ready to call the police just yet.

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